>"US on the road out of Iraq"


FILE  - In this June 22, 2009 file photo, a U.S. Army soldier ...

AP/ Here

“The U.S. military is packing up to leave Iraq in what has been deemed the largest movement of manpower and equipment in modern military history ………The goal is to withdraw tens of thousands of troops and about 60 percent of equipment out of Iraq by the end of next March ….. The nearly 300 American bases and outposts currently remaining in Iraq will shrink to 50 or less by the president’s deadline ….. the independent Government Accountability Office reported to Congress earlier this year that the withdrawal would be a “massive and expensive effort” that would likely increase war costs by billions. It also estimated an additional $12 billion to $13 billion a year would be needed for two years following the withdrawal for maintenance, repairs and replacement of equipment returned from Iraq. ………..”We are going to use every means necessary: air, Iraqi railroad, the roads. Whatever it takes, ….”

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