US, UK, NATO and Israeli Weapons Cause Genocide


(PoliticalTheatrics) – I feel intensely sick deep inside to receive regular stories or reports on the terrible aftermath of deaths and gross deformities as a result of weapons containing not only uranium components but also other carcinogenic components.
US, UK, NATO and Israeli Weapons Cause Genocide
We would have to ask the question when is someone going to address this problem and do something about it. We have inquiry after inquiry that appears on face value as being constructive when in actual fact it has the opposite effect. We currently have the War Crimes Tribunals established in Kuala Lumpur and the Russell Tribunal in the United Kingdom and the Iraq Inquiry also in the UK. No one is bringing forward the case of the Genocide that is being caused by current weapons used or having been used in the Balkans – Kuwait – Iraq – Afghanistan – Pakistan – Lebanon – Gaza and now possible Somalia and Yemen.
No one would dare to admit that these weapons are intentionally wiping out those people who live in predominant Islamic countries who also happen to have vast reserves of natural resources such as oil or gas. No one would understand that areas of conflict are intentionally created so as to divide and conquer a particular country such as Georgia in order to allow the West to install their massive pipelines for the transit of Caspian oil and gas to the European Market in competition with Russia.

Whilst talking about inquiries let’s recall the Goldstone Report which came about as a direct result of a UN inquiry into war crimes in Gaza. We can see loose reference to White Phosphorus (WP) but very little attention is given to the much bigger war crimes carried out by the IDF in the use of WMD’s. We have the Israel Government and the Pro Israel Lobby Groups protesting that this report was too one sided when in actual fact it did not go far enough.

It is my opinion that all of these inquiries and reports are decoys to make it look as if someone is doing the right thing when in actual fact they are deceiving us from the real truth which is that all of the above countries military forces are using WMD’s (Nuclear) weapons on a daily basis.

These weapons are not only contaminating the target countries but also all the adjacent countries and the greater world. When will we all see through this false façade and understand that this is genocide on a huge scale. These weapons have the combined effect of reducing the world’s population on a massive scale and that is genocide.

Let’s just take Iraq as an example. We have gross contamination in the regions of Fallujah, Baghdad and Basra but the contamination does not stop at that. If we take Depleted Uranium as an example…it half life is 4.5 billion years and when it becomes a nano particle aerosol it becomes not only extremely lethal but also totally indiscriminate. These weapons that are used on a daily basis directly affect the DNA in humans and therefore have the potential to kill the genetics of any country.

The contamination never goes away. It’s in the air, in the soil/sand and in the water table. It becomes airborne again every time there is a strong wind or is picked up in a sand storm. It is blown around by aircraft taxiing out and taking off from airfields and by the down wash from helicopters. The only time it is not in the immediate vicinity of the air we breathe is when it is rained out. The problem still remains because it doesn’t go away…..the rain moves it from above to below where it contaminates the soil and ground water, lakes and rivers etc. Then the dry air mass that happens to be somewhere else brings the nano particles back into your patch for the whole cycle to start again. This is called secondary contamination.

This type of contamination can be enhanced by the daily ongoing construction programmes associated with the rebuilding of war torn regions. Gaza is a typical example whereby this small densely populated strip was blasted by the IDF with WMD’s that not only contaminated Gaza but also crossed the border into Israel (the country that used it) to contaminate it own people. Because it is totally indiscriminate these nano particles also drifted on the wind into adjacent countries, the entire Middle East and the world.

The UN authorized the contaminated rubble in the Gaza Strip to be removed and pulverized and then re distributed to surface roads and streets in Gaza. The decision was in violation of their own protocol, especially when radioactive contamination is suspected (as in the case of Gaza). This ill conceived operation will continue for around a year and one can only imagine the results from the secondary contamination.

We are listening to the terrible stories coming out of Falluja, Iraq as an example where women are now being asked not to have babies. Those that do have babies are now having still births or giving birth to grossly disfigured babies. Can we see how hypocritical this world has become when the US have built a brand new hospital in Falluja to take care of the problem that they themselves created. We can now see how slow genocide can take place.

First you have the masses of people who have already died or who are dying from all forms of cancers and other related medical conditions associated with these WMD’s and then you have the terrible genetic defects of newborns. To then have your government and medical professionals tell you not to have children can then lead to the loss of your civilization. As one man once put it when he pointed a finger at the US and said “You have killed the genetics of my country”…..what they didn’t tell you is that the US all killed the “Seed Bank” of Iraq…..the very place where agriculture began…..that once was the garden of the world………I am sorry to tell you that this has now all gone….thanks to the US and greedy companies such as Monsanto with its GM crops, pesticides and herbicides etc.

So how far has this gone and how much human and environmental damage has been caused? We first have to look at the chart I have made up which shows all the areas of past and current areas of conflict where these WMD’s have been used. They are marked with a star and the air flow on this particular day reveals how these nano particles can move around the earth. On can see in some case that some countries get a concentrated dosage, courtesy of a low pressure system or in some cases the vortex brings the nano particles around for a second dosage some time later. It must be fully understood that no one can avoid this fallout…it’s in and around us all. This chart does not show the smaller vortexes or the localized coastal weather.

DU contamination first started off in the Balkans and the level of cancers in that region is now out of control. Many people returning from a holiday are reporting all their friends and relatives are dying from cancer related problems and the local graveyards cannot accommodate the dead. In Falluja (Iraq) Dr Safa Katfan, a member of the BMA said: “I’ve been in the medical profession for 30 years; I’ve never heard of or seen such congenital deformities as in Iraq today.” Babies have been born with multiple heads, multiple tumours, with heart defects, missing limbs, spinal deformities and nervous system problems. They are seeing 2-3 cases each and every day. “We are talking about an epidemic of the greatest evil,” retired trauma surgeon David Halpin said.

The situation that has been witnessed in Iraq over many years is happening in Afghanistan where these weapons were used on a much bigger scale. The problem has also crossed the border into Pakistan and India with many birth defects occurring in the Punjab. Finally we come back to Gaza which now shows the same trend with double the amount of deformed babies compared to last year. Many professors and doctors keep telling us they are not sure what is causing the problem. This is no longer an excuse because if DU is the culprit then this can be detected by simply testing for DU. The topic of DU in Gaza has been totally covered up by the UN and the central government. Just like Iraq and Afghanistan the authorities will not be able to hide this for much longer as the level of cancer and birth defects will continue to rise.

I am sure that the US and the IOF will be pleased with the results because this is their way of depopulating the entire Gaza Strip and no doubt also the West Bank. As usual the world just continues to look on and says nothing. Their brothers in the Middle East should also be ashamed in allowing this genocide to continue. The UN is also encouraging this genocide by basically creating secondary contamination by recycling the radioactive waste in and around Gaza. We at the Palestine Telegraph continue to keep up the pressure on this terrible situation and will keep pressing the Ministry of Health and the Hospital for answers as to why no one is talking about uranium contamination.

It can only be stopped by the total prohibition of all weapons that contain uranium components. Obama is pushing for the ban on the larger WMDs but this is a false façade. One needs to ban all such weapons i.e. the ballistic missile, bombs, missiles, shells and bullets that contain any form of uranium. The US, UK, NATO and IDF arsenal of weapons is over loaded with such WMD’s. They have all reclassified these smaller weapons as conventional weapons when they are certainly not.

It is interesting to note that Tony Blair is holding back on the release of his book

until after the next election has settled down. Could it be that some damage may be revealed in regard to the way his relationship with Brown panned out? Blair has already been paid for his book with an upfront amount of £4.6 millions in cash. The book is called “The Journey” and no doubt he will shine after its publication and enhance his hourly rate of public talking. I doubt if his book will reveal anything about those nukes that remain lost, and over which in 2003, he went to war with the wrong country! I also understand that he his desperately seeking the return of some very confidential and sensitive letter that could cause him much embarrassment!

Before closing we must give a mention to the Chilcott or Iraq Inquiry that is an absolute farce from start to finish. It shows a trail of carefully orchestrated questions to which the witnesses had prepared their answers in advance. Instead of interrogating or cross examining those that participated in the inquiry, it allowed them all to blow off their own trumpets and wallow in their own self glorification. At times it made one intensely sick at their arrogance in proving they were right. The Chilcot team were absolute failures and where certainly not chosen for their ability to get to the truth behind the war.

I noticed that the Conservative leader, David Cameron remained fairly laid back on the Iraq inquiry probably because he was part of the missing weapons fiasco and is thus implicated in not only receiving vast sums of money for his party but also knowing that they had gone missing and that the wrong country was attacked…..that is assuming an attack was necessary in the first place. It was all about regime change and very little else. Many believers consider this to be a sinister way to depopulate the world on a massive scale. Obviously with the focus being in the Arab countries that will eventually lead to the West having the ability to take control of the oil and gas reserves.

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