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"I smell a political breakthrough…"

Via friday-Lunch-Club Posted by G, Z, or B at 4:52 PM River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian

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Who Gave Permission to US Officers to Inspect Masnaa Border?

30/04/2010Who gave the permission to the US officers to tour the Masnaa border and under which foundation did the visit take place? Indeed, in the middle of the chaos created by the scandal of the security agreement signed between Lebanon … Continue reading

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"… Nasser’s sensibilities were thoroughly bourgeois. He was a secular, modern Arab."

Via Friday-lunch-Club FP/ here“… Faisal proved to be an enigmatic and highly autocratic ruler.He was in some ways the most cosmopolitan of the al-Sauds. In 1919, at the age of 14 he became the first Saudi royal to visit London … Continue reading

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Chas Freeman: "Israel is useless to US power projection"

Via Friday-Lunch-Club Mondoweiss/ What follows is an excerpt of a private email exchange reprinted by permission of the author, Chas Freeman, a former assistant secretary of defense … “… Maher’s account is far from novel on any score but he … Continue reading

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Clinton: Syria’s Provocations May Plunge Middle East into War

Clinton: Syria’s Provocations May Plunge Middle East into War 30/04/2010 Syrian President Bashar Assad is pursuing dangerous policies that could unleash war on the Middle East, U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton warned on Thursday night. In a speech to … Continue reading

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Fahad Hashmi And Terrorist Hysteria In US Courts

By Published: April 30, 2010Posted in: Afghanistan, Iraq politicaltheatrics In America’s post-9/11 zeal for elevating terror suspects to the status of supermen, existentially threatening the very life of the United States in an unprecedented manner (rather than managing one massive … Continue reading

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Why Mr. President? Open Letter to Mahmoud Abbas

What remains of the strategy seeking implementation of international law? By Nidal Azza (This open letter to Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas was first published in Arabic by Ma’an News, Palestine, in early March 2010.) Since the adoption of the strategy … Continue reading

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