Harb Rejects Sayyed Nasrallah’s “Fostering Environment” Implications



At a time the Lebanese security forces reveal more spies, the so-called “March 14” forces seem to forget everything but the latest speech of Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah. March 14 rejected what it said “Sayyed Nasrallah’s implications on the fostering environment” for the spies.
On Thursday Lebanese paper ad-Diyar reported that a senior reserves officer in the Lebanese army suspected of aiding Israel in the Alfa cellular company spy affair has fled to Frankfurt, Germany. According to the report, at least four of the company’s technicians have also fled the country.

The paper reported that the investigation launched following the arrest of the two main suspects, Charbel Qazzi and Tareq Raba’a led to the home of officer Ghassan al-Jad.

One of the officer’s family members told the paper that security forces questioned residents of the village about him. Upon learning this, the officer quickly gathered his things, rushed to Beirut International airport, bought a plane ticket, and flew to Germany.

In the past month two Alfa employees convicted of gathering information for Israel were sentenced to death. Ali Mantash was convicted of providing Israel with information it used during the Second Lebanon War, and Hassan Ahmed al-Hussein was convicted of giving Israel the names, addresses and details of houses of Hezbollah officials in the southern Lebanese village of Qantara, and providing information about other targets.

A wide investigation by Lebanese authorities has led to the arrest of more than 50 people suspected of spying for Israel since April last year.

According to Thursday’s report, al-Jad has extensive experience in the filed of engineering. Security elements in Lebanon said they suspect he was one of the main operatives in the secret cell within the cellular company. The paper further reported that he was not the only suspect to flee Lebanon, and four of the company’s technicians are believed to have taken off before him.

One of the four, the paper said, is a communications technician from the Khreish family, who also left Beirut in a hurry and flew to London. His friend who drove him to the airport was arrested and taken in for questioning.

Last week an-Nahar reported that an Alfa employee suspected of involvement in the affair crossed the southern border into the Zionist entity.
Nassralla Assistant revealing Wessam Al-Hassan (of LSF) Conditions for cease fire in July War
The Lebanese government plans to file an official complaint against Israel with the United Nations Security Council over the extensive spy ring it claims to have uncovered in the last year. It began a wave of arrests in April 2009 as part of an investigation in which dozens of people have been arrested.
Ad-Diyar reported last week that Lebanese security forces are compiling a comprehensive report on spy networks that have been uncovered within the country. The report will detail how security forces were able to track and break up the networks.
According to ad-Diyar, the security forces decided to compile the report after Sayyed Nasrallah, in a speech in Beirut on Saturday, accused the Lebanese security forces of knowing in advance about the alleged Alfa spy ring and failing to speedily arrest its members.
His eminence noted then that the issue of the agents has existed for a long time but it has taken great prominence during the previous years when their numbers has illogically increased. “This has many causes. The first factor is that the spies had a sense of security and they felt that no one follows them, given that some of them remained working for the enemy for 15 years without being discovered. The second factor is the judicial leniency that has made agents make light of the verdicts. The third factor is the supporting environment, and this is a very dangerous factor that must be quickly eliminated.”
Meanwhile, As-Safir daily quoted ministerial sources as saying that the discussions on Wednesday between the government parties were quiet, despite the commitment of the Ministers to their parties’ leadership towards controversial issues recently raised.

Labor Minister Boutros Harb, who represents “March 14” forces, spoke at the beginning of the ministerial meeting, focusing on the need to avoid the atmosphere of tension and accusations, because “we are in a national unity government; otherwise it is a useless government.”
Harb also talked about what is being raised on the international tribunal, and criticized General Michel Aoun following what the latter expressed his fears that upon issuance of the STL indictment, Israel would launch a large-scale war on Lebanon, during which the resistance would be hit by “Israeli fire” from one side and “internal strife fire” on the other.
Aoun asked his allies, particularly Hezbollah, to ready themselves to confront such strife and review the current structure of the national unity cabinet, which would be incapable of facing such threats.
Harb confirmed that all the Christians are against the aggression against the country and against any spy for the enemy, rejecting Sayyed Nasrallah’s implications on the “fostering environment” for the agents.
He added, “We are committed to the International Tribunal with respect to its professional nature and we will face its politicization and its deviation away from the truth.”

In response to Harb, Agriculture Minister Hussein Hajj Hassan and Minister of Administrative Development Mohammed Fneish noted that Hezbollah did not speak about a specific sect or group or region, but rather a specific political environment reflected in some of the statements issued after the arrest of agent Qazzi.
Hajj Hassan added that due to its serious mistakes and the deliberate leaks published in «Der Spiegel» and «Le Figaro» and others, the International Tribunal is accusing itself and condemning its work.
He also said that we are concerned for Lebanon’s stability, adding that the truth behind the assassination of former Prime Minister Rafiq Hariri is a national demand that should not be linked to mistakes by the STL. “However”, he continued, “this doesn’t mean that we are not allowed to raise legitimate questions.”

Phalanges and Lebanese Forces Ministers supported the intervention of minister Harb, pointing out that people are afraid due to the atmosphere that prevailed after Sayyed Nasrallah’s latest speech.

Then Marada State Minister Youssef Saadeh replied by saying that people were afraid since a long time and not after Sayyed Nasrallah’s speech. Saadeh expressed his wonder of the latest prevailed speech following agent Qazzi’s arrest which has implied that the problem didn’t lie in the agent himself but in the leaks. “I, as a Christian, didn’t feel that the fostering environment of the agents targeted the Christians. It also should be noted that Hezbollah was accused with many charges and it is its right to raise questions concerning the background for being targeted.”

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