>Lauren Booth is clear, concise, her reasoning is sound, her evidence sure and the verdict unflinching

>A commentery By Jerry

Thanks to Gilad Atzmon and to Lauren Booth and to Uprooted Palestinian for the invitation to contribute, I am honored…

Lauren Booth is clear, concise and without any hestation is assying the behaviors of the IDF to be men men teckel upharsin, weighed, measured and found wanting,

Just as Daniel had to discern the meaning of these words so many years ago, todays prophets discern their meaning today.

Currency is today, it’s modernities and events say to us , if we pay attention, what we need to learn to go forward as a human experiment in jurisprudence as fostered by free willed peoples with equal rights.

This equality is assured by our creators abiding edit, love thy brother and sisters as thyself, we are commanded, this is not a suggestion, but as written, a commandment.

To treat fellow human beings as the IDF has is disgusting in the extreme and there is no hiding this ugliness TODAY.

Payment is made for such sins in todays world by slaps on the wrist in anterooms, principalities and high places where high crimes against humanity are pardoned for convenience by despots whose robes are stained and whose minds are clouded by false doctrines.Zionism typifies this doctrine of supremacy of Jews and their governance over goyim as regards Palestine. The Goyim are losing ground daily and being treated like dogs.

Ten years ago now, I discussed this subject with Nahida, Yassin, Yolanda Nazar, Looking up and a few others and we did find consensus that what zionism provides as a model for governance of Palestine is wholly failed due to it’s disobediance to normative spiritual values as expressed by those qualified to speak for their peoples as spirtual ministers of righteousness and justice.

Righteousness and justice are fine bedfellows, One obeys the law, the other administers it, when disobediance is the norm for governers, the verdict is mene men teckel upharsin, weighed measured and found wanting, the sentence, in Nebuchadnezzars case, was death in battle against righteous armies, In this case the verdict is the same, but the amies are different, we are in a different age and epic, now, today, we battle on the three tiered chess boards of life and win by decree when we are found to be truthful, righteous and well fouded in both human and spiritual law.

The laws are clear and so are the blatant double standards depicted by Lauren Booth, her reasoning is sound, her evidence sure and the verdict unflinching, NO, Israel will not rule Palestine, ever, get over it.

You cannot fulfill the prophecies by changing them to suit narrow narratives only beneficial to certain of Abrahams tribes, this will never do, too narrow, too weak, to one sided and shamfully selfish, sixty years is enough time to gather evidence for indictment, Israel is condemned in reality by forces who do not pay obeisance to zionism, but to higher powers that are not myopic, selfish or stained from blasphemy.

Lies do not suffice to lead the world from disgraceful useries and dispicable grafts. Truth is the power that changes this, not back room fines and slaps on the wrist second, third and fourth, fith sixth seventy times seven is the limit and as Lauren dutifully notes, the crimes well supass this figure so prosecution oes forward, no clemency, no pardon, no free ride for law breakers, liars and thives, for if we pardon offenses from the position of limited righteousness we are not the law, but too weak to administer it by atrification of our resolve . We the ummah, that includes every brother and sister everywhare with a good heart, are in fact resolve to carry these case to their fruits, and punish the offenses as written in the law, period

River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian

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A displaced Palestinian
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