>Israeli cabinet endorses law making judaizing Jerusalem a national priority


[ 25/10/2010 – 10:02 AM ]

OCCUPIED JERUSALEM, (PIC)– The Israeli ministerial committee on legislative affairs has approved a bill on Sunday, defining Jerusalem as a national priority area of the first order in the housing, employment and education sectors, which practically means giving a boost to Judaization efforts.

Hebrew media reported that the new bill would enhance the establishment of new housing projects including eastern Jerusalem and would urge youth to remain in the city after exempting them of property taxes.

Yediot Ahronot reported that the bill was backed by a majority of ministers in Netanyahu’s government, describing it as a part of the government’s policy.

“The new bill will give Jerusalem the same financial and national priority given to periphery cities [border cities]. The legislators’ intent is, among other things, to prioritize public area construction in Jerusalem. And even though the bill amendments don’t mention construction beyond the Green Line, it is expected that construction priority will also be given to Jewish neighborhoods east of the Green Line.

In addition, they will receive government prioritization in the education and employment sectors, which will lead, say the bill’s creators, to a change in the area’s demographic makeup – an increase in the number of Jews in the area.”

Communications minister Moshe Kahlon said that by passing the legislation the Israeli government is sending a “clear, unequivocal political message that Jerusalem will not be divided.”

“All those within the Palestinian or international community who expect the current Israeli government to accept any demands regarding Israel’s sovereignty over its “capital” are mistaken and misleading,” he said.

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