>There are five kinds of Lebanese-Christians


Frustrated Arab’s Diary

A Cedar has no religion….

There are 5 kind of Lebanese-Christians :
The first kind
has Brains and a Heart and Balls
they joined the SSNP
The Syrian Social National Party

The second kind
has Brains , and a Heart…… but no Balls
The Join the Lebanese Communist Party
The Third Kind
has no Brains and no Balls just a naive Hart
They join the Phalanges , Al Kata´eb
The Fourth kind
has no Brains , no Heart……… but just Balls
They are members of the Lebanese-Forces
(when they are not smuggling anything more lucrative)

The fifth kind
they found out how dirty are the Third and the Fourth kinds
so they repented ,
and have all joined the General Auon.

Raja Chemayel
Posted by Tlaxcala at 8:03 PM

River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian

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A displaced Palestinian
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