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>Cries for Freedom

> In Tunisia, Egypt, Palestine, Lebanon, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Jordan… etc… etc people are yearning for freedom, sovereignty and independence; freedom which they have been denied for decades or maybe centuries. When people offer so many sacrifices to achieve their … Continue reading

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>The Palesinian IDIOT got an Urgent Message About Egypt

> Comment:  Since Mubarak send his F16 and Heocopters It was clear that it was a message to the army, more than the people on streets. Having read between the lines of the released army statement, and knowing that the … Continue reading

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>Palestinian detainee in Egyptian jail arrives in Gaza

> Palestinian detainees in Egypt make it back to Gaza [ 31/01/2011 – 08:44 AM ] GAZA, (PIC)– As a wave of anti-regime protests was sweeping Egypt, five Palestinian detainees from Hamas somehow managed to arrive in the Gaza Strip … Continue reading

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>Senior US Official: "Mubarak is a respected giant who could win elections in the United States…"

> Via Friday-Lunch-Club “… a closer look at the statements made by U.S. officials helps explain the antipathy toward the United States that some protesters — including potential presidential candidate Mohamed ElBaradei, who blasted America’s “failed policy” in Egypt — have expressed. From … Continue reading

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> January 31, 2011 posted by Gordon Duff “FACE VALUE,” THEY ARE IN THE STREETS FOR ALL OF US By Gordon Duff STAFF WRITER/Senior Editor Egypt is a lesson for America, teaching us to look at ourselves, at how free … Continue reading

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>Pharaoh’s Plan to Confront Friday Anger Day

>Translated by brother Aadel (Thanks Adel) Arabic text is so lousy and replete with grammatical and expression mistakes. Woof! I just thought I could help. Just send me the bill when you can. Translation of the Arabic memo.Confidential and of … Continue reading

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>Israeli officials call Omar Suleiman to warn of chaos on border …

> if (window[‘tickAboveFold’]) {window[‘tickAboveFold’](document.getElementById(“latency-4151677094529122016”)); } Via Friday-Lunch-Club “israeli officials have telephoned Hosni Mubarak’s newly appointed vice president Omar Suleiman several times urging Egypt to maintain previous security coordination, Israeli media said.The discussions were over Egypt’s role on the Israeli border … Continue reading

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>Can the Palestinian Authority Survive?

> “Our Leaders are Negotiating the Terms of Our Imprisonment”By JONATHAN COOK Nazareth. With the 18-year-long Middle East peace process finally pronounced dead, is the Palestinian Authority finished too?That is the question being asked by Palestinians in the wake of … Continue reading

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>Hoenlein: ElBaradei a ‘stooge’ for Iran

> By Ron Kampeas · January 30, 2011 WASHINGTON (JTA) — The director of the U.S. Jewish foreign policy umbrella called Mohammed ElBaradei, the opposition leader emerging from the Egyptian ferment, a “stooge of Iran.” Malcolm Hoenlein, the executive vice-president … Continue reading

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>Paniced Israel offers Egypt services to control popular uprising and PA suppres supporters of Egypt’s uprising

>Update: Israel, for the first time since Camp David, urge Egypt to send troops to borders Human Right Watch slams PA for suppressing supporters of Egypt’s uprising [ 31/01/2011 – 02:20 PM ] RAMALLAH, (PIC)– Human Rights Watch (HRW) denounced … Continue reading

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