>ISRAEL: Barbara Streisand’s cousin has been denied citizenship in Israel!


By Aadel M Al-Mahdy

Monday, Feb. 07. 2011  5:34 pm/pacific.

Dale Streisand who is a cousin to Barbara Streisand has been denied a visa to Israel on the ground of a law passed in Israel on December 25, 1989 that states: if a Jewish person believes in Yeshua (Jesus) as their Messiah, then they are not allowed to immigrate to Israel.

Dale married a Christian woman from the Philippines and he wanted his family to move to Israel but was rejected.
What does this mean?  It basically means that Yeshua is BANNED in Israel.  He was banned 2000 years ago and today his Jewish followers are banned.  ONLY Jews who believe in Jesus (Yeshua) as the Jewish Messiah, are not allowed to immigrate Israel

HOWEVER,  Dale wants to live in Israel, therefore he has stated to the Israeligovernment that he has embraced Orthodox Judaism and has no links to anymore to friends who believe in Yeshua (Jesus).
pressure in Israel “not to believe in Yeshua (Jesus)” is extreme

 Dale and his family

Today Messianic Jews are persecuted in IsraelDiscrimination runs in every way of life, some have not been allowed to rent out apartments, children have been discriminated against and ostracized (some have not been allowed to attend their school), many have been thrown out of their homes when their parents find out about their new faith in Yeshua (Jesus), some Israelis even been beaten up for their faith, many have not received promotions at work, and many have been fired from their jobs, and the list goes on.  Some Jewish Believers have been put in the airport Prison and deported simply because of their faith in Yeshua.

BLOGGER COMMENT: I have received the above news in my e-mail box. Having read it, I wondered:
  1. How about the Palestinians in the diaspora who are denied the right to return?
  2. How about Israeli Palestinians who are hardly making living in Israel?.
  3. How about Palestinians who are persecuted, rounded up and thrown in jails almost on daily basis?
  4. How about the Ultra-orthodox rabbis calling on the Jews not to rent apartments to Palestinians?.
  5. How about Palestinians who are evicted from their homes under false pretexts?
  6. How about illegal settlements on Palestinian land
  7. How about, how about, how about?…

River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian

About uprootedpalestinians

A displaced Palestinian
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