>Ayoubi: Islamic Jamaa Not to Participate in March 13 Rally, Refuses to Hamper Resistance Arms


Political official of the Islamic Jamaa in Lebanon, Azzam Ayoubi, confirmed that the Jamaa today stands with itself and commits to its beliefs.

He added his party wants to call upon both March 14 and 8 teams, to prevent the country from falling into conflict through maintaining national unity, and keep politics far from sectarian incitement.

In an interview with As-Safir newspaper, Ayoubi stated, “We are not part of March 14, and therefore there will be no participation for the Islamic Jamaa, not on the political nor popular levels, in the March 13 rally”.

He added the Jamaa is not with any political team in Lebanon, but rather is willing to take part in the memory of March 14, as it is for the memory of former PM Rafiq Hariri, and thus all the Lebanese are concerned.

Furthermore, Ayoubi believed there are some sides that are not differentiating between the resistance weapons and the weapons used in the inside.

On this context, Azzam Ayoubi stressed that the resistance weapons represent a strategic issue for the Jamaa, where the latter will not agree on hampering it.

He stated that the resistance cannot be neglected by anyone, whether March 14 or 8, adding that even the extremist members of March 14 cannot deny the resistance’s achievements, where it is also the right of all the Lebanese.

Islamic Jamaa Political Official said there are some parties that are trying to cover the truth about the resistance, through their political alignment and disputes between both political teams.

Regarding the relation with caretaker PM Saad Hariri, Azzam Ayoubi affirmed that the relation hasn’t changed and they are still in contact, although it is limited, where no side can oblige the Jamaa with any political nation.

On the same level, Ayoubi confirmed that the Islamic Jamaa’s relation with PM-designate Najib Mikati is good. He said, “We asked PM-designate to correct the defect which occurred during his designation, through the way he would form the government”.

“We are waiting for the government formation to see its form and the content of its ministerial statement, and according to that, we [Islamic Jamaa] will grant it our trust in the parliament or not”, Azzam Ayoubi clarified.

Local Editor

The periodic meeting between Hizbullah and the Islamic Jamaa took place in the latter’s headquarters in presence of Hizbullah Political Council Members Sheikh Abdul Majid Ammar, Mohammad Saleh, Abbass Zahreddine.

On the Islamic Jamaa’s part, Political Council Members Bassam Hamoud, Wael Najem, and Omar Masri were present, where both discussed the political situation, in addition to the latest developments on the internal and regional level.

In a statement issued by the Islamic Jamaa’s Media Bureau, both sides confirmed during the meeting on the importance of firming the stabled situation, and contain all political disputes within their political frameworks.

Both parties also praised the Arab nations for their transformation and change they achieves, expressing their support to the ongoing revolutions especially in Libya, also calling for the conviction of the Libyan regime’s crimes against its people.

Furthermore, both sides further condemned the crimes committed by the Zionist enemy in Gaza and Al Quds (Jerusalem), especially regarding the policy of demolishing homes and evicting the people of the holy city.

Hizbullah and the Islamic Jamaa also expressed their condolences to the Turkish people and government over the death of former Turkish PM, and head of the Islamic Turkish Movement, Najm El Din Arbakan.

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