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>Israeli-American-Mubarak-Suleiman resistance to dealing with Hamas in power & according Israel greater importance than Palestine, prevented a reconciliation earlier

> Via FLC “… The Egyptian government’s constructive and impartial mediating role that brought about Palestinian reconciliation stands in stark contrast with the pro-Fatah and anti-Hamas tilt of the Mubarak regime and its prime purveyor of political and intellectual dishonesty, … Continue reading

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>Arab revolutions and uprisings: Beware of media disinformation

>   Posted by realistic bird on May 1, 2011 {Disinformation} by Juan Kalvellido The case of Syria and Bahrain by realistic bird The role of the media is to inform and to present events as they are. However, this … Continue reading

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>Aid to Israel compared with aid to U.S. tornado victims: take a guess who gets more

> Destruction in Alabama (L), and Gaza By Richard Edmondson Each time disaster strikes somewhere inside the U.S., the Zionists who run Washington make a big show of rushing to provide assistance to the poor, poverty-stricken Gentiles whose A-frame homes, … Continue reading

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>A message to Congress: Take your money and shove it

> By Khalid Amayreh in occupied Palestine [ 30/04/2011 – 04:45 PM ] After four grim years of mutual recriminations, cold war and deep mistrust, the two main Palestinian political camps, the nationalist Fatah and Islamic Hamas, reached an auspicious … Continue reading

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>JEWS/USA: EXCERPTS : Hang ‘Em High!

>   They are not the Americans, and “we” are not the rest of the planet. “They” are a small sliver of the American population, the get-rich-quick crowd from the East Side of Manhattan and similar places. Excerpts … Continue reading

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>’Even Human Rights groups are more cautious on Syria…’

> Via FLC “… Human-rights groups are even more cautious. “If Obama were to call for Assad to go, I don’t think it would change things on the ground in any way, shape, or form,” said Joseph Stork, deputy director … Continue reading

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>Zuckerman Rag prints bald-faced lies on US flotilla to Gaza

> Via MCS – 01. May, 2011 THE NY DAILY NEWS PUTS THE LIES IN EDITORIALIZE NOTE: The following piece was co-written by Nima Shirazi and Alex Kane and was originally published on Mondoweiss under the headline: “Zuckerman rag prints … Continue reading

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>Bahar warns Abbas against submission to US, Israeli threats to thwart unity – Haneyya: Government ready for unity deal

> Bahar warns Abbas against submission to US, Israeli threats to thwart unity [ 30/04/2011 – 03:44 PM ] GAZA, (PIC)– Deputy speaker of the Palestinian Legislative Council (PLC) Dr. Ahmed Bahar has called on Palestinian Authority chief Mahmoud Abbas … Continue reading

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>Israel Slams Bombing of Gas Pipeline and Palestinian Reconciliation and Egypt strongly Responds

> April 30, 2011 posted by Dr. Ashraf Ezzat “What Mr. Netanyahu is unaware of is the fact that the Arabs currently in revolt, as much as they reject both the Israeli-Egyptian natural gas deal and the Israeli inhuman blockade on Gaza, … Continue reading

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>Hamas to Al Manar: Re-location Reports Are “Media Fabrications”

>Local Editor Hamas leadership will remain in Syria and all the reports about relocating from Damascus to the Doha city in Qatar are false claims, Hamas representative in Lebanon Ali Baraka assured to Al Manar Website. Baraka denied the claims … Continue reading

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