Agreement killer

قشلق: توقيع أبو مازن وفق الشروط الإسرائيلية

 سيكون «صك عبودية الشعب الفلسطيني»

(دي برس)

(Yasser Qhalg)
Translated by me

Netanyahu stormed his mind to prevent the delivery of the remains of the Palestinians to their families in response to the continued captivity of Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit is only a part of the story of the Palestinian Zionist and not the whole story, but this reaction showed the least effect and the character of «double standards» which we have come to be used in describing the method of their dealings with us may be ended forever, and it became clear that the Zionist entity use ten thousand standards with us, the ten thousand standards are our prisoners in the Israeli prisons.

Despite this he – Netanyaho- insisted on saying: that this reaction is part of the story and not the whole story, he all reduced the story to a single address, «existence»:

Who has the right to exist on this earth, we, or they?

Neither we with all the roots we have, were successful in promoting a legitimate the answer, nor they with all false roots they created found a legitimate answer, even Mahmoud Darwish, said: «on this earth there is what makes life worth living» and died without saying the most important: Who deserves what makes life worth living on this earth?

Do a sane person may believe that Germany’s diplomacy based on the legacy of a great nation has failed in a prisoner exchange agreement between us and them?! I am afraid that the truth does not need a brain at all, the exchange agreement was  doomed to fail, it is the context of history and not the context of logic, and the context of the same history, for those who want to know, committed Great Britain to play the role of «Bultagi» when finally, imprisoned Sheikh Raed Salah.

Let’s get out of the details, «exchange of prisoners, borders, the declaration of the state, refugees …» The issue of existance is the most important, in it only, lies the solution and the explanation for the continued suffering, and loss of hope day after day, fumbling with what they call «a just and comprehensive solution».

What Satan that one who was able to fool us that he can conclude an agreement with a Zionist like the enemy, even if the Convention on the exchange of prisoners? What satan has convinced the Palestinian Authority that the policy of «life is negotiation» is the way to reach a state?

What  devil convince them today that go to the General Assembly of the United Nations could impose on them a deal with the state?

This is all an illusion, we can never reach a balanced agreement with them, because, simply, any kind of deal «Peer to peer» means essentially a first nail in their coffin. It is killer agreement.

Is this the answer to somebody question: Why they never gone with us, not once in any way, to the end?

Does this explain their constantly repeated words: there is no Palestinian partner for peace?

Does this explains their opposition of the world recognizing a Palestinian state?

Yes, there is a lot of clarification for those who want to make sense and change their way. It is the problem of entitlement to exist on this land, any contract or agreement between us and them means that they recognize our right to exist on this Land and simultaneously expose their false claims.

They certainly, all over our hundred years of our struggle with them, they failed to wipe our presence, so they want to keep it temporary, fragile, and virtual without a state, borders and real institutions.

All that could be taken out of them is an authority, and authority certainly does not mean a state, what that authority can do is begging to buy the silence of its “unemployed” employees ahead of each month , and certainly sweep and carry over their garbage ever day!

Do you insist on going to the General Assembly of the United Nations in September next?

In an article I will talk about why they will fail to extract a confession of Palestinian state by the United Nations, and the impact of that failure on the future of our conflict with them.

River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian

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