Hamas considers UNESCO’s listing of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital a grave act

[ 15/07/2011 – 07:47 PM ] 

DAMASCUS, (PIC)– Hamas condemned listing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital on the website of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), considered it “a grave act, a flagrant breach of international laws and resolutions pertaining to Jerusalem and bias in favour of Israel,” and called on the UNESCO to retract.
In a statement on Thursday Hamas said: “We strongly condemn UNESCO’s act of listing the city of Jerusalem as the capital of the Zionist entity. It considers the step as a grave act, a flagrant violation of international laws and resolutions pertaining to the occupied city of Jerusalem and a biased policy in favour of occupation which is carrying on with accelerated Judaization and settlement to change historical features and facts on the ground, with out the UN various organisation lifting a finger to stop such crimes. We urge the UNESCO to immediately retract this classification.”
Hamas also called on the Arab League and the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation to immediately make moves to stop such serious acts and intensify efforts to confront Zionist plans to Judaize occupied Jerusalem.

The movement further called on Human Rights Organisations to take the Zionist occupation to international courts for the crimes it is committing against Jerusalem and its Palestinian inhabitants.

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