PA security arrest two Hamas supporters and continue to detain journalists


[ 29/09/2011 – 07:59 PM ]

Nablus, (PIC)– PA security continue with its excesses in the West Bank arresting two Hamas supporters, raided the home of a Palestinian captive in occupation jails and continue to detain the two journalists Sayeh and Bisharat.

In Nablus district, preventive security agents raided the home of Ahmad Hamadneh, a former captive in Israeli occupation jails from the village of Aseera al-Shamaleyyah, and arrested him. Hamadneh spent more than six years in occupation jails.

PA preventive security men also arrested Muhammad Aseeda outside Najah University in Nablus. Aseeda hails from the village of Tal and is a former captive in occupation jails.

Preventive security agents also raided and ransacked the home of Hamdi Abu Zahra, who is held captive in occupation jails.

Abu Zahra was kidnapped a few days ago while passing through the Za’tara roadblock, on the same day PA security raided his home with the aim of arresting him.

Furthermore, PA security continue to hold journalist Bassam al-Sayeh from Nablus for nearly a month, while the family of detained journalist Muhammad Bisharat from the village of Tamoun said that their son was on a hunger strike which he started since he was arrested on Tuesday.

In al-Khalil, PA security extended the detention of Faisal Abu Skheidem and Hassan al-Qawasmi, despite the deterioration of the health of Qawasmi and a previous court order for his release.

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