Israel to Build Separation Wall on the Lebanese Border

Once upon a time, Gilad Atzmon before leaving PTT hasbara site and joining UP’s site, wrote:

“The Pls are at the forefront of a clash between 2 totalities. between 2 symbolic orders. It is not a political debate and it is not an issue of local tactics or strategy. As Israeli intelligence generals have been predicting for 2 decades, all Pls need in order to win is to survive.If you look at Israel and Zionism from that very perspective,  you would realise that the ‘Wall’ is actually the biggest Pls victory. They dismantled the Zionist project and made the Israeli into a ‘diaspora ghetto Jew’. The Pls have managed to push the Jew back to the ghetto, and this ghetto will shrink as Pls ballistic capability grows. The Jewish state is a matter for Historians, its future is doomed. “

Mary Rizzo, the Anti-Zionist-Zionist queen of PPT, until Haitham Sabbah kicked her ass wrote to me:

“you claim along with Gilad that the Separation Wall is a “great Palestinian achievement”. Can you please respond to the two people, including another Palestinian like yourself, who challenge this statement that Zionist oppression instruments are “Palestinian achievements”. I am not the only one who looked at this and was aghast, there were others in public and private. I would like to hear your defence of this.”

I replied:
“I am obliged, on reading term defense to DEFEND myself as follows:
Your HONER, I admit, I did that, but forgive me your Honor, to say, you failed to understand what Gilad and me meant by saying that the Wall is a “great Palestinian achievement”. Both of us are aware that its Sharon’s achievement, I would add its Ahmad Quraa Achievement, being the cement supplier. Your honor, Gillad and me are against that wall and all walls.

Your Honor, we expected free minded thinker would understand what we meant. We know, that Israel wanted to steal more Land and water recourses, but your honor, Israel, the 4th military power in the world, wanted also to stop Palestinian freedom fighter operations, especially the so-called suicide bomber….

….Your honor, IDF occupied Beirut, and its the Great Lebanese resistance that forced the IDF to withdraw to Awaly river, north of Saida, and gradually to the so-called security zone, and Its Hezbollah who comlpeted the Job, and forced Israel to leave without conditions….

…..Your honor, inspired, by Hezbollah, the Palestinian launched the second Intifada, that brought Sharon to Power with a promise to finish the Intifada in 100 days, and you know what happened. Sharon failed and followed the steps of Barak, pulled out of Gaza, without conditions, but he and puppet Mubarak kept the keys…..

“…Your Honor, Gilad and me are talking about the collapse of Zionism, building the wall is and index for the shrinkage of the zionist goal from greatest Israel from Nile to Furat, to a Jewish Ghetto surrounded by the separation wall.”

Two year after:

Netanyahu: Security fence to be built along Jordan border
Israel to Build Separation Wall on the Lebanese Border

Local Editor
‘Israeli’ daily Yedioth Ahronoth said the Zionist army is to build a separation wall between the Lebanese village of Kfar Kila and the Mtella settlement in the occupied Palestine.
“The wall is the first of its kind between Lebanon and Israel, and it may be expanded in the future towards some other points,” the newspaper quoted an ‘Israeli’ officer in the Northern Command as saying, noting that the wall construction comes after the borders became an area of contact and drugs smuggling.
The officer believed the process of construction will be in coordination with UNIFIL in order to increase the level of security in the region.
Source: Al-Manar Website

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