Israeli Apartheid Week and Ken O’Keefe

Ken O'Keefeby Ken O’Keefe
Wednesday, March 14th, 2012

The students at the University of Kent have received this, there is significant pressure to cancel my speaking engagement this Friday.

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am writing to you today with regards to an event that has been organised by the Kent Palestine Solidarity Group as part of Israeli Apartheid Week (IAW) which will feature Ken O’Keefe as the speaker. Here at Student Rights we are deeply concerned that this man is being given a platform to address students from given his previous statements, including praise for violent terrorist groups, latent anti-Semitism and 9/11 conspiracy theory. If the events of IAW at the University of Kent are to be covered by student media it is only right that this man’s egregious statements should come to light.

At an event at Middlesex University on February 23rd which Student Rights received film of, O’Keefe declared that “Israel and Mossad were directly involved in 9/11” and that “if Israel is inherently a racist state, if it is inherently an apartheid state, then I want no part of Israel, it has no place in this world. And it must in its current form, if you want me to use some inflammatory language, in its current form should be destroyed”.

He then went on to compare Israel to Nazi Germany, saying “I make no special bones about Jewish people, but the bottom line is this. The Jewish state, that’s not my expression, the Jewish state of Israel is, therefore, acting on behalf of the Jewish people. You, like the Nazis, have now a special obligation. The decent Germans, the so-called decent Germans of World War Two Nazi Germany, what did they do, what did the decent Germans do when the Nazis came to power and started to institute their policies, what did they do? They didn’t do enough, did they? Did they do enough to stop the Nazis? No, they didn’t. And what are the Jewish people doing right now? Are you doing enough to stop your racist apartheid genocidal state? If you think that you are I beg to differ. You have a special obligation brought upon you just like the Nazis brought upon the decent Germans.

Following this event, when he was reported to the police for incitement, he posted a long response on his blog, in which he reiterated his position, saying “let me repeat; Israel is a criminal state…Israeli Mossad worked with high treason traitors in the US government to set explosives in the twin towers and building 7 on 9/11 so as to instigate the fraudulent ‘War on Terror’…all for the ‘full spectrum dominance’ agenda that intends to enslave every survivor of this madness”.

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5 Responses to Israeli Apartheid Week and Ken O’Keefe

  1. Finally, someone other than the police in Wales are holding Okeefe accountable……Good Job….Mary Lou

  2. abusaadat says:


  3. Yeeh, a "Palestinian" soliderity movement, supporting Alan Dershowitz and Abe Foxman. It says beware the enemy within.

  4. abusaadat says:

    who has supported dershowitz? i dont speak for psc ,but to have some guy who is suspect to start slander of groups related to palestine should be questioned by all real activists and Palestinians..

  5. Whole2th says:

    Controlled demolition of three buildings in New York and the mass media has a blackout on this horrific revelation. There's a big clue as to WHO did 9/11–and it wasn't muslims who had Hollywood and mass media cover-up the crimes.Yes, there is overwhelming evidence linking Israel to 9/11–along with traitors at the top levels of US government, military and courts.That Israel had anything to do with orchestrating 9/11 should send shockwaves around the world.

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