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"A brief, more limited “mopping up” operation in Lebanon"

Via FLC “…The emergence of a de facto sanctuary in northern Lebanon for the Free Syrian Army poses a particular challenge for the government of Prime Minister Najib Mikati. Instructing the Lebanese army to seal off the border would be … Continue reading

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Outraged Over Atrocities (Unless They’re Ours)

by JOHN LaFORGE In the war fever being ramped up against Syria, there is broad public indignation over the massacre of more than 100 civilians in the town of Houla last weekend. Would that the U.S. diplomatic corps and the … Continue reading

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Israel: Al-Qaeda in Syria May Operate Against Us over Time

“Israel” Warns of Possible Conflict with Syria, Fears Iran, Hizbullah   Local Editor The “Israeli” Northern District Commander Yair Golan said Wednesday that “Israel” is in a constant battle with Iran in various channels. “Iran is here. We are conducting … Continue reading

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International Bureau of Double Standards—The CNN/Iran File

Another great video from Anthony Lawson: Posted by VINEYARDSAKER: at 18:03 This video looks at a CNN documentary (April, 2012 with repeats) about the Iran nuclear issue, and examines the role of the mainstream media in keeping the public uninformed … Continue reading

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Who is Hani al-Shanti, Apprehended by the Army in Caracas?

Local Editor* Dauntless security and military efforts, spearheaded by the Lebanese Army in Ras Beirut area of Caracas on May 23, 2012, caused the killing of Syrian gunman Samer Abu Akl, nicknamed Samer al-Masri, as well as the arrest of … Continue reading

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Russian Communist Party leader: Al-Houla Massacre Part of Western Intelligence Agenda

Local Editor Russian Communist Party leader Gennady Zyuganov considered the “al-Houla massacre in Syria as part of a foreign intelligence plot,” noting that some Western Politicians and media outlets created a hysteria on the massacre.Zyuganov, in a statement, strictly condemned … Continue reading

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Putin Will Not shift on Syria, Clinton Warns of Civil War as US Senators Call for Arming Syrian Opposition

Local Editor Russian President Vladimir Putin warned Thursday that his country’s position on Syria would not shift under pressure despite the crisis likely topping the agenda during his upcoming visits to Berlin and Paris, AFP reported. “Russia’s position is well-known. … Continue reading

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Unholy Alliance Forming Against Syria

By Dr. Ismail SalamiMay 29, 2012 Syria is bracing for more political chaos as all antagonistic forces appear to have entered into an unholy alliance to bring the government to its knees by ingeniously choreographing massacres and attributing them to … Continue reading

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‘Journalists’ as terrorists

Source “Syria crisis: Most Houla victims ‘were executed‘” “West’s Houla Syria Narrative Crumbles, Expels Syrian Diplomats Anyway” Remember the original Official Story, told in lockstep by all the western mainstream media, was that the atrocity had to have been committed … Continue reading

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Saudi Auction Sells Suicide Bombers for Syria

Activists have released video footage showing alleged potential suicide bombers being presented at an auction in western Saudi Arabia before being shipped off to Syria. The video, leaked in early May, shows the auction taking place in a hotel in … Continue reading

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