“Lebanese Sides Aiding Terrorist Groups in Syria”

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As he stressed that Syria has been facing a terrorist assault, Deputy Foreign Minister Faisal Meqdad said arming terrorist groups has been taking place through the Lebanese-Syrian border.

faisal meqdad interview manarTalking to al-Manar channel on Wednesday, Meqdad urged “neighboring countries, including Arab states, not to overlook terrorism.”

“To our people in Lebanon we say do not permit those groups to practice terrorism through aids offered by some Lebanese,” Meqdad said adding that he did not mean the Lebanese government.

While answering if Syria has information about arms smuggling through Lebanon-Syria border, the Deputy FM said: “We have credible and accurate information in this issue. We know everything, as we know them by names”.

“It’s a well known party,” he said further about this side adding: “any way it declares that it gives support to these groups and it politically disagrees with Syria.”

“We are facing a terrorist assault and arming the terrorist groups comes through Lebanon-Syria border.”

The Syrian official also called on these sides to respect the neighborhood with Syria and “not to serve the agendas and orders by some Gulf states.”

But he also warned: “whom who provoke hostility to Syria will inevitably lose.”

Commenting about accusations made by Saudi foreign minister that Syria has inflamed the latest unrest in Tripoli, Meqdad said: “this is absolutely far beyond from reality, he (Saud al-Faisal) knows well who is behind funding terrorists in Syria.”

He also reminded that the Saudi FM had previously, along with others, declared that they were supporting the opposition in Syria.

Source: Al Manar TV
17-05-2012 – 10:49 Last updated 17-05-2012 – 10:49

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