Iran will never submit to ZOG pressure

Let’s start sledgehammer style. Iran won’t crack. Iran won’t crack. Iran won’t crack,” Pepe Escobar in Asia Times, July 7, 2012.
If we could sit down with Stalin and Mao, why are the Ayatollah or Ahmadinejad so far beyond the pale? Can we just not handle that?,” Patrick J. Buchanan, July 5, 2012.
United States’ economy is too weak for war against Iran,” Donald Beyer, US ambassador to Switzerland.
Iranian Majlis (parliament) is about to pass a bill, demanding the government not to disallow oil tankers destined for countries joining USrael boycott of Iran through the Strait of Hormuz. In 2011, 17 million barrels of oil sailed daily through the Strait of Hormuz. In other words, roughly 35% of all seaborne traded oil, or almost 20% of oil traded world-wide. Almost 16 million barrels of it was destined for Europe which shows USrael doesn’t give a damn to the interests of its European allies.

Iran, though a signatory to 1982 United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS), has a legal right to block ships from entering its territorial waters if Tehran believes the passage of the ships bound for certain countries will harms peace, good order or security of the Islamic Republic. In fact, Tehran doesn’t need to block the Strait of Hormuz and give the US an excuse to attack Iran. Tehran could simply delay the passage of tankers destined to the ‘unfriendly countries’ by exercising its right to inspect every oil-tanker that passes through the Strait of Hormuz. The inspections and subsequent delays would maintain or contribute to higher oil prices. While higher oil prices would benefit Iran and other oil-producing countries, they would further destabilize the European economy which is already in crisis.

Soraya Sepahpour-Ulrich, a public diplomacy scholar, researcher and blogger, writes: “The leaders of Western European countries are beholden to special interest groups – the pro-Israel lobbies, as the United States is, and they believe Iran will not call their bluff by ratifying the bill passed by Majlis and their oil will be delivered unhindered; perhaps both. Either way, they are committing financial suicide and their demise may well come before Iran’s resolve is shaken. “

Professor Paul Rogers (Bradford University, UK) believes that Israel cannot win a war against Iran alone and that the US would have to do the dirty job for Israel in 2013, if Mitt Romney becomes US President and the Republicans control at least on house of Congress. He says that the anti-Iran politicians assume that the Iranians will readily give up in face of such great force. The assumption is nothing but a self-denial mentality – which is based on the myth that United States won war in Afghanistan in the end of 2001 and in Iraq by May 2003. The reality is that Iraq after more than eight years under American occupation – has a very pro-Iran government in Baghdad and these wars have turned Iran into most powerful country in the region.

The Zionist regime with 240-400 nuclear bombs of its own – projects Iran’s nuclear program as an “existential threat” to divert world attention from its colonial policies. The Zionist regime sees the Islamic Republic as a competitor and blockage to its desire to dominate the Muslim East. An economically secure Iran with a reliable source of nuclear fuel to power its industries in the future which is also viewed as being technologically advanced would – in Israeli eyes – be a threat to Israel’s ambitions for regional domination. It would also pose a risk that the US would start to get along with Iran – in which case, who needs Israel. So the Israelis have been raising a hue and cry about how “threatened” they are by Iran’s non-existent nukes, playing the victim as usual while pushing for a war between the US and Iran.

Various polls taken in Iran indicate that a vast majority of Iranians want their government to continue Iran’s nuclear program against all odds. A small minority even believes that Iran must produce a nuclear bomb as ‘deterrent’ against foreign bullies.

The 110 members of the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) and even American allies Turkey and Brazil, support Iran’s rights to continue its civilian nuclear program.

A recent poll conducted among 12 Arab nation-states by Doha-based Arab Center for Research and Policy Studies showed that 73% of respondents believed that Israel and the US were the two countries presenting the largest threat to the security of the Arab world, with 51 percent believing that Israel is the most threatening, 22 percent believe the US is the most threatening, and 5 percent reported a belief that Iran is the single country most threatening to the security of their countries.

A poll taken by Israel’s Dahaf Institute and released by Washington-based Zionist think tank, Brookings Institution, in March 2012 showed that only one in five Israelis favor Israel going war with Iran alone.
And finally, some truth from an Israeli war-journalist, Anthony Bubalo, published in Israeli daily Ha’aretz (March 17, 2012).

If sanctions don’t work, does anyone believes Obama would start a war with Iran, when he has spent his first term in getting US forces out of Iraq and Afghanistan? Netanyahu has said a lot about Iran. But history shows that when Israel has threatened to bomb something so many times without actually doing it. Usually, when Israel sees a threat and sees it has the military means to deal with it it does so“.

Dr. Ahmadinejad is to retire from politics next year and return to his old academic field. The next president will have no power to decide to roll-back country’s nuclear program or wage an aggressive war against US-proxies in the region or the Zionist entity. Under Iranian Constitution, only country’s Supreme Leader (Ayatullah Ali Khamenie) is powered to make those decisions.

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