The Unwanted Activists/ The Ugly Duckling

by Daniel Mabsout
Wednesday, July 11th, 2012

The Arab modern poet says that whereas experiences lead to the perdition of the lost souls, they constitute lessons to the intelligent ones. The soldiers who lived and experienced war directly on the battleground in the armies of the world establishment, and who decided to abandon the army and to denounce the establishment and its armies, have an uncommon experience from which they drew lessons for themselves and for others that they shared willingly.

In this category falls brother Ken O’Keefe and also Gilad Atzmon; the fisrt served in the US army, and the second in the Israeli army. Both soldiers lived this experience intelligently which caused them to outgrow it in a way and help others reach an understanding regarding it . This intelligent experience- in addition to other factors- caused brother Ken to become an activist for the promotion of justice, truth and peace world wide and to achieve significant work for the benefit of the Palestinians of Gaza. This was not an easy choice because one might find oneself caught between two fires, the first coming from the army or the establishment and the second from the society or rather the social consensus.

These honest activists who had put all their cards on the table were unjustly defied by other people who claimed to be activists as well but who lacked the experience and the honesty that characterize our friends. While our two activist friends had shunned all kind of military or official promotion for the sake of Truth, the other so called activists seem to be panting after some position and recognition and some retribution probably as well.
Whether O’Keefe or Atzmon, both were unjustly treated by people for whom truth was not a priority but some material gain instead for which they were ready to sacrifice everything including morals and ethics. This happened specifically to brother O’Keefe who had to deal with real gangsters dressed in the garbs of activists who sought to undermine the genuine efforts of O’Keefe’s mission to support Gaza, and happened also to Gilad Atzmon who was shunned by both Palestinians activists living abroad and by Jews of the establishment who objected his participation to some academic debate taking place in some universities. Both Palestinian activists and Jews agreed upon the fact that hearing some true facts was Not in their interest nor in the interest of the factions they represent.
The Palestinians activists – known for their sectarian stands – had even the guts of accusing Atzmon – the veteran who served in the Israeli army – of anti Semitism and racism claiming to be more royal than the king himself, and indulging into courting their allies the Zionists while interfering in a question that had to be settled between Jews themselves.
In all cases, people like O’Keefe and Atzmon who are self made men and free lancers and who are not to become followers or affiliated or even associated with any form of establishment- whether bureaucratic or academic- will always be bothered by those who failed in this same endeavor and who serve a scheme different from the one they claim and who are not happy -finally- to find qualified people handling the matter better than they do.

River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian  
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