Israelis Killed in Bulgaria Bus Attack, Zionist Entity Blames Iran, Hezbollah

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A deadly blast targeted a bus carrying Israeli tourists in Bulgaria, killing seven people, including five Zionists.
bulgaria bus attack
In addition to the five Israelis, a Bulgarian driver was killed.

Dozens others were injured in the attack which took place outside an airport in the European country.
The bus was carrying around 40 Israelis who had just arrived at Burgas Airport on the Black Sea coast.
Witnesses described a huge explosion followed by a fire which ripped through the bus, adding that the fire then spread to other nearby buses.

They described a scene of carnage, with body parts scattered around the burned out wreckage.
There were conflicting reports that the explosion was caused either by a suicide bomber or by a bomb hidden in the luggage.

However, Bulgaria confirmed on Thursday that the attack was a suicide one.

“The explosion was caused by a man who died in the attack and whose identity has not yet been established,” Bulgarian interior minister Tsvetan Tsvetanov said at the airport, adding that the figure of the seven killed included the bomber.


For his part Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu blamedbulgaria bus attack Iran for the blast, vowing that the Zionist entity would respond.

“All the signs lead to Iran. Only in the past few months we have seen Iranian attempts to attack Israelis in Thailand, India, Georgia, Kenya, Cyprus and other places,” he said in a statement.

“Eighteen years exactly after the blast at the Jewish community centre in Argentina, murderous Iranian terror continues to hit innocent people.

On the other hand, Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak accused Hezbollah of being behind the attack.

Talking to the Israeli radio, Barack said: “The immediate executors are Hezbollah people, who of course have constant Iranian sponsorship.”

Source: Agencies
19-07-2012 – 12:41 Last updated 19-07-2012 – 13:37

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