In these difficult times where the western establishment is beating the drums of war, where the greedy west is sharpening its knives to kill more and usurp more, where Syria has become an open wound and a meeting ground for all the thugs of the world, where Gaza is still under siege and Israel building and expanding more and more , we witness a world wide campaign- carried on by activists and NGOs- to promote alternative means -or non violent means -distinct and different from the means adopted by the actual victorious Resistance … It is not by accident nor it is a coincidence that these NGOs -who promote non violence as the sole approach to solve the Palestinian problem or the Arab/Israeli conflict- are found in Syria, Lebanon and Palestine that have opted for armed Resistance .

By this promotion of alternative means, these organizations- actually- are declaring a different kind of war, a soft war –as Sayyed Hassan said – that is nothing but the continuation of the actual war but with different weapons. And while the armed hired thugs have been dispatched to carry on the real war because US and Israel can no more afford human losses and military defeats , an army of local and foreign activists and NGOs have been dispatched for the soft war . The soft war has the same goal as the regular war and supplements it but it does not seek to disarm the enemy- physically and directly- but to disarm him mentally and indirectly. It is an invasion of a person’s mental framework by the dark destabilizing enemy forces which can turn him into a mere tool in the hands of his enemy, whereby he gets swayed from his original goal to carry on the enemy’s scheme. This is how the enemy succeeded in sowing sectarian hatred and sectarian alignment .

Preaching fake and unstable peace to people under attack, and labeling their self defense or their taking arms for self defense as violent and unwarranted, and accusing them of being violence ridden and haters of life, is another weapon used by the enemy in this soft war . Still another weapon is finding a way of calling their presidents dictators and butchers and accusing them of deaths of children etc. as is being promoted these days by the media .

From the BDS of the academic boycott, to the support of Palestinian prisoners and catering to their fasting by al Dameer , passing by the protests against the wall of segregation or campaigning against the settlements in east Jerusalem or against the siege on Gaza , or denouncing the confiscation of Palestinian land , all these separate small causes endorsed by different NGOs have turned the one Palestinian cause into a multitude of small causes each cut to the size of the organization that is promoting it . This dissection of the cause into small bits is liable to kill the cause itself . What all these NGOs have in common is their call for non violence promoted against the armed Resistance of the people that has proved to be the only means for liberation thanks to which south Lebanon was liberated .

This is not the first time that our inner mental space has been invaded . The western establishment and colonialism have always sought to invade and occupy our mental space and the moral structures of our societies in order to expose – as Sayyed Hassan says – the set of values inspired by our culture and religion which constitute our real strength. This is what enabled the west to withdraw its armies from most colonies, after it had succeeded in maintaining its mental and cultural hegemony over their societies without the need for the actual presence of the armies. The battle that the western establishment had lost- by the victory of the armed Resistance– is not military. The west had lost –in fact- the mental battle and the mental and cultural control it had over all the articulations of society because what made the victory of the Resistance possible was the incapacity of the west to penetrate the mental inner framework of this Resistance. This is the same reason that was behind the success of the Islamic revolution in Iran over the west .

For this reason , and in order to retrieve these mental positions that the west had lost, and to make up for the mental loss whereby a barefooted child has started throwing stones at an Israeli moving tank , the western monster decided to wake up and launch the series of springs that will enable him to take hold of these positions again by interfering once more within the inner settings of the individual and the society and subdue it manipulate it in a way to serve the western master once again in a proper way. .

This liberation by armed struggle caused the western establishment and its local allies to rally against the Resistance seeking its disarmament at any cost and for this reason it has sent -along with the armed thugs smuggled to Syria- its army of white doves to preach peace and non violence as inspired by Gandhi

Not that the Lebanese armed Resistance practices violence , not at all , the armed Resistance practices calculated and measured self defense. It checks the enemy and watches him closely and will not allow him to trespass the borders or transgress limits . It has created a balance of forces whereby the enemy knows that any assault on his behalf would be counteracted by a similar one and that, for each location targeted and shelled, there will be an equal targeting and shelling within the occupied territories . This very well calculated balance measured carefully by the wise Resistance – regardless of what NGOs and activists think- has brought peace to the Lebanese people of the south for the simple reason that it has blocked the source of violence originating from the Israeli foe by threatening him with an equal treatment . So the armed Resistance that has liberated the land has also brought peace to the southern region , therefore the desired peace has been achieved by the armed Resistance and not by the endless fruitless speeches and actions of ill intentioned NGOs who -while criminal thugs hired by the west are committing crimes- are preaching a fake non violence to the oppressed .

River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian
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