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De Borchgrave: "Assad appears to be emerging as the winner & Iran will have kept intact its direct link to Hezbollah & Gaza"

Via FLC “… Today, the magic is long gone. After two wars on the credit card — $1 trillion for Iraq and $500 billion and still counting for Afghanistan — America’s credit is maxed out. But the borrowing continues at … Continue reading

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When Powell spoke about the arms of mass destruction in Iraq , he was lying , he was not saying the truth . They have prepared the circumstance of the lie and fake evidence to back the lie, and they … Continue reading

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The Free Palestinian Prisoners And The Search For Freedom

by Daniel Mabsout Sunday, September 16th, 2012 The Palestinian prisoners are the pillars of the Palestinian cause , they exert a great pressure over the Palestinian authority or over the Palestinian leadership because they are the heart of the Palestinian … Continue reading

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‘Jeffrey Feltman in Khamenei’s Court!’

My,! A Truly ‘non-aligned’ summit: ‘Jeffrey Feltman in Khamenei’s Court!’ ‘UN Undersecretary for Political Affairs, Feltman met, Khamenei, Ahmadinejad, Jalili & Larijani. “… former American diplomat Jim Dobbins told Al-Monitor that Feltman likely would have given the US government at … Continue reading

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The Islamic Conference held in Mekka earlier this month consecrated the hegemony of KSA and Gulf countries over the Muslim countries . Iran had tried previously to open a breach and play a role in the Conference but it didn’t. … Continue reading

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Brotherhood Democracy: "One man, one vote, one time!"

FLC “The Islamist cause prospers in Egypt, not so much in Syria.      In Egypt Air Marshal Shafik, Mursi’s principal opponent in the late election is placed on a “watch list” at the ports of departure from Ehypt. This is … Continue reading

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Syria: New US Middle East Project?

Free Syrian Army fighters run for cover after Syrian forces fired a mortar in the al-Amreeyeh neighborhood of Syria’s northwestern city of Aleppo, 30 August 2012. (Photo: Reuters – Youssef Boudlal)  By: Emiko Jozuka Published Friday, August 31, 2012   … Continue reading

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Can NAM Solve the Syrian Crisis?

Can NAM Solve the Syrian Crisis? asked Vijay Prashad The author claimes that “NATO’s war in Libya and the Syrian crisis has afforded the US an opportunity to re-enter the Arab world as a major political player. “ In realty … Continue reading

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Independent nations must move toward New World Order: Jean Bricmont

by Kourosh Ziabari Thursday, August 30th, 2012 Prof. Jean Bricmont is a renowned Belgian public intellectual, theoretical physicist, philosopher of science and a professor at the Université catholique de Louvain. A progressive author, he has cooperated with the leading American … Continue reading

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No one has the right to question Israel’s very real nuclear weapons

Zionist Slaughterer Israel angered over IAEA vote on nuclear arsenal UN Airs New Concerns After Iran Says Nuclear Program Peaceful Israel is upset about a global campaign to question Israel’s possession of nuclear weapons, instead it prefers the west concentrates … Continue reading

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