Deja Vu

Deja Vu

by Daniel Mabsout
Thursday, August 9th, 2012

 To awaken to the Palestinian cause is to awaken to all causes, it is to awaken to causes that have fallen somehow into oblivion . This is because the Palestinian cause is an international cause that has awakened in the hearts of many people the desire to be free and the possibility of that freedom . . . For this the Palestinians have sacrificed a lot. Many lives were offered to keep the fire of the liberation of the people burning in the hearts of all people , this fire has cast a light over many hidden truths , many facts that were kept secret because the enemy had mastered the art of dissimulation and camouflage over centuries and centuries turning history into made up stories into movies produced in Hollywood.
 The truth that is uncovering right now is that Israel was not first founded on the land called Palestine, the first Israel was founded five centuries ago on the land called north of America by the white settlers, the Anglo Saxon puritans , who thought that this land has been promised to them the same way Palestine was promised to the Zionist Jews.
 The United States of America is really the first Israel as the usurpers white settlers are the first Zionists. The Natives of north America can look at Palestine as if they are looking at their own self. From Palestine they can draw the actuality of their cause and its universality . Palestine will keep their cause alive . Palestine will keep their dreams alive as well.

Let each Native indigenous make the Palestinian cause his own.

Let him make the Palestinian Resistance his own and the Palestinian freedom fighter his own brother , this way the native dream of retrieving the land and the right to exist on one’s own land can become true , this way peace to the deceased ancestors can be brought..
 God bless the Native Nations , God bless the Resistance of all people striving for liberation.
River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian  
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