Jeff Blankfort Speaking of Zionists in Disguise

Jeff Blankfort Speaking of Zionists in Disguise

Speaking of disguises, Mark Richie has been operating behind one for the 30 years I have known him.
In practice, while pretending to be a friend of the Palestinians, he has functioned as an agent provocateur whose sole goal is to cause divisions in the solidarity movement and was banned years ago from every Palestinian email list (before there were blogs).
He does this cleverly, as shown here, making legitimate criticisms of JVP, IJAN and ANSWER while hiding his real target, MECA, the Middle East Children’s Alliance, which is not Zionist, does not support the state of Israel and supports the Palestinian right of return and is one of the most effective organizations working on behalf of the Palestinians which is why Richie aka Richey aka PONeill aka Mark Hiver is continuously attacking it. In other words, he is working for Israel.
One of his other pastimes, illustrated here, is defending Noam Chomsky, who is an admitted Zionist, who supports Israel as a Jewish state, opposes the Palestinian right of return (but approves it for Jews!) and who opposes BDS against Israel. How does Richie reconcile that with his own stated views? He doesn’t try, hoping readers won’t see his ridiculous coupling of Chomsky with Gilad Atzmon who does support the right of return and doesn’t believe in a Jewish state.
I have publicly accused him of being an agent for the Anti-Defamation League and I have material in my files backing that up. A lawyer who, strangely, has never practiced, Richie threatened to sue me years ago if I continued to call him that and I have challenged him to do so since there are a number of questions I’d have my lawyer pose to him.
Anyone wishing more info on this creature should contact me at

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1 Response to Jeff Blankfort Speaking of Zionists in Disguise

  1. steve button says:

    Thank God for Jeff Blankfort. – and others like him. I shudder to think where we'd be without them…

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