Soft War Mercenaries

This person called Elias Khoury who was a Arafat supporter and working for Arafat and rallying for Arafat in the streets of west Beirut while civil war was ignited in Lebanon by foreign Intelligence and the administration of Kissinger. And the Fateh movement of Mr Khoury -who went by a different name to hide his Christian identity- was then taking sides with and against, and getting immersed in the local mud while Palestine was no more the priority, but the dirty war in the streets of Beirut .

Mr. Elias Khoury – after so many years – is still doing the same thing, giving priority to internal wars over the real struggle with Israel ,but he stopped being a Arafat supporter after Arafat became of no use to him since he was ousted from Lebanon to Tunisia with his gang who never liberated an inch of Palestine but created chaos all over Lebanon .

Mr. Khoury -as the good opportunist that he is- shifted from the Fateh to the main figure that came freshly from Saudi Arabia and was delivered to the Lebanese to help them get out of the civil war that was partly funded by him. This fresh Saudi figure was none other than Hariri who made great profit from the civil war since he got down town Beirut destroyed and then bought it for crumbs and confiscated what he could not buy and turned it into his private real estate company.

Elias ‘Atallah

Mr. Khoury- of course- would not miss on the opportunity to join the Saudi/Lebanese Tycoon in all his glory since he had developed a good sense for money and power along with the gift of writing and publishing second rate novels and stories. Of course, the mediocre person that he is and the second rate writer could not get a chance to directly affiliate to Hariri, for this reason he became affiliated to one of Hariri’s men , a detestable person that goes by the name of Elias ‘Atallah who is more of an opportunist than Khoury himself .

Khoury had relinquished the Palestinian cause, but not the internal war, as this was the topic and activity in which he excelled, sending many of his best friends- during the Lebanese civil war – to dire death under the label of Marxist revolution and Palestinian liberation of which –of course- nothing was achieved . So, by supporting the internal war in Syria , Khoury is just working along the same line that he has grown familiar with, and no wonder that -on his way –he had met another opportunist that goes by the name of Mary Rizzo, also a fan of internal wars and internal conflict, under the cover of the Palestinian cause, because these conflicts- in Arab countries – serve best the Israeli entity of which Rizzo is a great supporter .

Mary Rizzo

Posing as a Palestinian activist, Rizzo is an Israeli under cover, rejoicing over the destruction that afflicts the Arab world- whether in Libya or in Syria -and dedicating her writings to fuel such conflicts and attacking real activists committed to the cause who expose her and know her as a fake one.

After being exposed as a dubious writer misinformed about many facts, and spreading lies and misinformation about things happening in the Arab world, she has now resorted to translate lies instead of fabricating them which -she thinks- is safer for her . For this reason she has chosen the lies of Mr. Khoury who is no less talented than her regarding this practice .

Remains the place where the two fake writers had met which must be a fake place as well, and -in this instance – it is the daily News paper al Quds al ‘Arabi of ‘Abdel Bari ‘Atwaan where the article of Khoury was originally published .

‘Atwaan has been the spoiled child of al Jazeera and a promoter of the Palestinian cause and -because of this- we almost forgave him his red hair dye or his courting of the British authorities whenever he had the opportunity, but now he has transgressed all limits by siding against the Syrian regime and joining the chorus of the so called Syrian armed opposition probably to please his masters- the British authorities – who are hosting him and his news paper. From Mr. Khoury to Rizzo to ‘Atwaan all what was needed was al Jazeera or al ‘Arabiyya to complete the chain of lies woven around Syria.

River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian  
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