PHM Condemns Israeli Actions against Palestinian Hunger Strikers

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People’s Health Movement condemned the Zionist entity’s retention of the remaining three Palestinian hunger strikers, without medical assistance or family visitation rights.
People's Health Movement
Noting that the three hunger strikers, Samer Al-Barq, Hassan Safadi and Ayman Sharawna, face critical and life threatening health problems, the movement said in a statement that the prisoners were refused family visits.

The three hunger strikers are administrative detainees (where a military court can order a person be held without charge for renewable periods of six months – Samer Al-Barq has been held without trial since July 2010) a practice that is in violation of the 4th Geneva convention regulations, in contradiction with international humanitarian law and widely condemned by human rights organizations around the globe.

“As reported by doctors from physicians from human rights, who visited the detainees, as well as independent tests done when admitted to hospital for examination, the three hunger strikers all face critical and life threatening health problems,” the statement said

“In addition they have been refused family visits despite their poor health conditions and possible impending death. It is also alleged that the hunger strikers have endured physical brutality and psychological torture by the Israeli Prison Service (IPS), in an attempt to get them to break their hunger strike. It also needs to be stressed that these prisoners have not had the opportunity of a fair trial,” it added

The movement, which is a global network bringing together grassroots activists, civil society organizations and academics from around the world, demanded the release of the three hunger striker, the transfer of all hunger strikers to public hospitals and global condemnation of the ongoing violation of human rights of Palestinians by the Zionist entity.

It also demanded that the Israeli government and ministry of defense adhere to the agreements reached on 14 and 15 May, including improving conditions of prisoners, family visitation rights and ending of solitary confinement.

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