Dahiyeh: United in Defense of Prophet Mohammad

In response to the Hizbullah Secretary General His Eminence Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah call for the widest protests heeding Prophet Mohammad and defending Islam, keen Muslims poured into the streets of the Beirut Southern Suburb, the Dahiyeh, to raise their voices to zealously defend Prophet Mohammad (pbuh).
The people chanted slogans “We are under your command Prophet Mohammad,” “Mohammad is our leader”, “Down with America”, “Down with “Israel””, demanding an end to the repetitive offenses committed against Islam and the Prophet of Islam Mohammad (pbuh).

The Islamic rally started at 5:00 p.m. Beirut timing, where hundreds of thousands poured into the streets to march and reach the final destination of the gathering, to witness the pleasant surprise of Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah’s presence at the ceremony square.
Male and female, young and old, the Lebanese participated in the rallies among angry ambiances that assured rejection to the desecration to the person of prophet Mohammad, particularly amid the Arab official silence and abstention from defending religious sanctities.

Among the participants was Zeinab, a young Lebanese who assured to moqawama.org “We should not wane in defending the sacrilege against our Prophet. No more person is more important than prophet Mohammad and we should defend him”.

For his part, Hassan Mikdad, a father in his forties, questioned the aims behind such airing of the anti-Islam movie “We should ask what do they want from such an act, and do they expect us to remain silent??”

Mariam Khalifa, in her turn underscored “We will not allow “Israel” and the US to curse our Prophet”.
Also, 78 year old Um Kamel Samaha challenged her age and arrived at the rally to leave her foot prints, assuring “My family and I are here to defend our Prophet and the message of Islam.”
Peacefully, the protesters raised their voices calling for a decisive move to defend the sanctities of Islam and the person of the Holy Prophet.
The young had their share in the protests as well. 7-year old Joud Harb told moqawama.org “I love Prophet Mohammad, Sayyed Hassan had asked us to participate and defend him, and so I did. Down with all those who desecrate Prophet Mohammad and mock him.”
The women and men held banners that read “Muslims and Christians to defend the dignity of Prophets and sanctities.”
The participants assured that the protests will not stop until they guarantee no more such offenses will take place.
On the political and religious levels, numerous figures took part in the rallies.
Father Antoine Daou, Secretary of the Commission of the Lebanese episcopal Conference for Muslim-Christian dialogue told moqawama.org that “Offending Islam is an offense to Christianity as well, and any offense against Prophet Mohammad is also an offense against Jesus.”
Antagonist US wants to divide the peoples through discord and distract the peoples of the region with strife and conflict
Dao demanded the United Nations to issue an international law to protect religions from sacrilege acts that desecrate its symbols and figures.
“Dialogue should remain sole solution for peace, and the antagonist US wants to divide the peoples through discord and distract the peoples of the region with strife and conflict. But we will not forget our demands of freedom, independence and retrieve of rights,” Dao declared.
Moreover, Member of the Muslim Scholars Gathering in Lebanon, Sheikh Maher Mezher told moqawama.org “This film is an insult and offense to each and every Arab and Muslim.”
He denounced the shy reaction of Arab leaders, also condemned the stances of these leaders who had negatively commented on the protests that swept across the Arab world.
“Today, we united together in face of this US assault, and this is how we will always be, united,” he concluded.
Last but not least, former detainee and Hizbullah politburo member Mustafa al-Dirani said “It is not strange that the US administration, the first defender of “Israel” tries to justify its position; it has found itself in an embarrassing situation before the Muslim world.”

Source: moqawama.org

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