Kill The Muslim And Save The Man

As the 9/11 incident is not to be taken lightly and the war on Islam and the invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan , in addition to the invasion of Libya and the attack on Syria , all events are not to be taken lightly nor separately and this “ Innocence of Muslims “ movie is not to be taken lightly either and Sayyed Hassan Nasrullah is right in seeing it as an aggression that has to be faced and thwarted by all means . What we had witnessed lately in Libya and in Syria before the infamous movie was shown on the internet was no less significant and insulting .

We have seen thugs killing in the name of Islam, committing massacres of all kinds . In Libya and in Syria we have seen them .The defamation of Islam had then started and the crime of those were transmitted and shown everywhere ; sometimes they were attributed to the regime but then you could see the signature of the thugs on them , the thugs of dollars and blood .

In other videos they were shown killing helpless people while screaming Allahu Akbar , this was probably intended. They were told by their masters to kill while saying so and then take videos and pictures so that Islam appears under this label.. This, beside the sectarian warfare -conducted by secret services and carried on fb and elsewhere- monitored by bribed religious sheikhs, was meant to stain the image of Islam and having it associated with acts of terrorism and carnage and division and conflict. Thus the anti Islamic campaign rapidly gained ground and still is because the world administration has decided to do away with Islam because of the threat true Islam represents to it…

This will not be the first time the US is trying to destroy a culture and a religion. Previously it had destroyed dozens of cultures and religions that pertained to the Native indigenous , over hundreds of years the US had succeeded in almost eradicating their Native religion and the Native language of the aboriginals. This happened slowly and surely until the religion and the cultures and the natives were almost wiped out of the map . Munir Akesh , Palestinian expert and researcher on Native matters explains how this horrid thing happened to the Natives.

Since 1870, the Native indigenous identity has been drinking poisoned cocktails to its health. The screams coming from cultural dissolution were accompanying the scalping ceremonies and inviting to destroy the Native Indigenous identity and rebuild it using white history building stones and white religion and white language.

All this because- usurping what remained of native land -could not be achieved without destroying the identity of the natives, their culture, and their social structure that had no place for private property. “The native culture has become harmful to the common interest “, (Charles Burk), and there is no attack on the United States more dangerous than harming its national interests and this could lead to everything you can imagine starting from stealing your bank account and your life- if it is necessary- and not ending with exploiting your oil and your country’s resources. Therefore, and in order to serve this national interest, it was necessary to give birth to a new native indigenous that didn’t keep anything from his native roots except his body. It was necessary to reformulate his awareness, his memory, his ethics, and his principles.

Therefore, if we are not to kill the biological body, let us kill the mental body. Let the Native Indigenous become an empty creature decorated with feathers or a statue of stone decorating the Capitol “as a sadist symbol to freedom” . Let this Native Indigenous know everything but his own self. In the same logic and along the same line, the religious rituals of the natives were considered dangerous and therefore prohibited . This is how the native indigenous today practices rituals that has been selected in a way that suits US national interest and suits the touristic itineraries organized by the white man.

Adapted from Munir Akesh: The American Genocide: The Right to Sacrifice the other.

The Native Nations- then – were but the first chapter, and the Palestinian plight was another chapter, and the long story is just starting , and who knows where and when it will end . Who said Israel and US will be just satisfied with Palestine ? It is the whole Arab world that they want to usurp one country after the other , and after that the Muslim world, and in order to achieve this, defeating Islam- as a culture and a religion -seems to be a necessary step…

River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian   The views expressed in this article are the sole responsibility of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of this Blog!

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