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By Daniel Mabsout,  Every time the Zionist Jews hit and strike with their weapons , they talk about peace . Just watch the Zionist Jews after they wage war or commit a butchery, they will tell you about peace. … Continue reading

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IDF learning from Al Arabiya: ‘On Facebook, Illustrating Palestinian violence – with photo from Bahrain!’

Via FLC Posted by G, M, Z, or B at 5:43 PM   River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian The views expressed in this article are the sole responsibility of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of this Blog!

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The facts speak for themselves: Israel is an apartheid state

31 October 2012Ben White Palestine and Israel       Across historic Palestine – Israel, the West Bank, and Gaza – the State of Israel rules over around 12 million people whose rights and privileges are determined on a discriminatory basis.   A … Continue reading

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Pope Knighted the ‘most Jewish Catholic’ paedophile

Posted on October 30, 2012 |   Last week, the head of Catholic Church in Britain requested the Vatican’s permission to remove posthmously Papal Knighthood awarded to the Zionist-controlled BBC television presenter, Sir James Wilson Vincent Savile (1926-2011), by Pope … Continue reading

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Turkey’s Birthday Revelers Dispersed With Tear Gas

Demonstrators run as police use tear gas to disperse them in central Ankara October 29, 2012. (photo by REUTERS/Umit Bektas ) By: Tulin Daloglu posted on Tuesday, Oct 30, 2012 The first “spring” in a majority-Muslim population came 89 years … Continue reading

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Pastor: Hurricane Sandy is a ‘Curse from G-d of Israel’

Posted on October 30, 2012 |   Pastor John McTernan Ph.D, founder of Defend and Proclaim the Faith Ministries, is a staunch defender of the Zionist entity and one of those Christian evangelist preachers who still believe that US President … Continue reading

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Al-Aswany: Egypt Needs Democracy, Not Prestige

The author, novelist Alaa Al-Aswany (at right), shakes hands with Mohamed Morsi (at left) at the presidential palace in Cairo June 27, 2012 shortly after Morsi’s election as president of Egypt. (photo by REUTERS) By:Alaa al-Aswany posted on Friday, Oct … Continue reading

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