Welcome to the International Court my friend!, Welcome to the International forgery , , welcome to the International Justice that is servant to USA and Israel, welcome to the International fraud , welcome to the false witnesses , to the fake evidence , welcome to the International Outlaw ….

There is no natural or unnatural disaster equal in infamity to

the International Court of the International Community . Earthquakes can shake the earth , volcanoes can spit their fire , tsunamis can drown cities and towns but the disaster of the International law is something altogether different and trespassing , it is made with the special ingredients of USA with an Israeli flavor , something really that no one should miss , this is the kind of justice they are serving , this is the kind of justice they promote and serve around , this is the US/Israeli justice of the two genocidal countries that broke records in annihilating humanity and creating havoc , and this is not all…….. and are setting the standards and practice of international justice

The Israelis who killed Lebanese PM Hariri knew what they were doing ,they were resuming the war with Lebanon that they lost twice thanks to the Resistance , now the war will not be waged by Israel but by the whole International Community and for this the International Court has acquired very special weapons made of corrupt investigators and bribed hired witnesses .

Never one would have thought that International treachery could reach this level of impertinence and audacity , the name of the suspect was delivered and decided even before the crime was committed ,then they committed the crime , then they hired the witnesses and bribed them to give false evidence ,then they forged special phone calls then they accused the people guilty of fighting Israel , the whole international community has been mobilized for this purpose , for sharing in the biggest treachery of the century made by the International Law


One of the steps that were taken by the Special Lebanese Tribunal was a visit made by the international investigators to a gynecologist clinic in Southern Beirut where it was thought that the crime was manufactured in a test tube , the International visitors wanted to see the medical files of the women patients to see in which womb the crime was conceived, now the women objected , their medical files are not to be made available to the treacherous International Court , because the criminal was not born in this clinic and does not belong to this place , they confronted the investigators and confiscated their files and sent them back home , go look somewhere else they said ,.

The investigators were not happy , neither was Ban ..the right treat evil intruders should get .


Sayyed Hassan Nasrullah said such an inappropriate Court should be banned , and the false witnesses tried , there is no other way.

River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian  
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