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Who drafted the meaningless UN bid?

  Abbas Submits Weak UN Status Bid by Stephen Lendman Palestine deserves full UN membership. It’s entitled to all rights and privileges afforded other Member States. Getting them is simple. It should have happened years ago.Palestine satisfies all essential criteria. … Continue reading

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What do they want from Syria?

A general view of the scene of a car bomb explosion in Jaramana, a mainly Christian and Druze suburb of Damascus, on November 28, 2012 Thu Nov 29, 2012 11:25AM By Finian Cunningham The terrorist war on Syria, which the … Continue reading

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UN Recognizes Palestine as Non-Member Observer State

Local Editor  The UN General Assembly on Thursday overwhelmingly voted to make Palestine a non-member observer state, inflicting a major diplomatic defeat on the United States and the Zionist entity. Palestinian Authority Chief Abbas considered the move at the UN … Continue reading

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American Holocaust of Native American Indians (FULL Documentary)

River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian   The views expressed in this article are the sole responsibility of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of this Blog!

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FACTS: WMS (Weapons of Mass Salvation)

By Nahida the exiled Palestinian When truth is obfuscated When crimes are ignored When imprisoned if you ‘believe” When imprisoned if you “deny”   When truth-seekers are attacked When truth-speakers are kicked out When poison is offered with honey When gatekeepers run … Continue reading

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Exclusive: Inside Future Movement’s Syria Arms Trade

It was soon revealed that the source had been working with Sakr for more than a year as part of an operations room established to support the Syrian uprising. (Photo: Haytham al-Moussawi)   By: Radwan Mortada Published Thursday, November 29, … Continue reading

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New Egypt draft constitution upholds Sharia

Flanked by bodyguards, Egypt’s Islamist then president-elect Mohammed Mursi salutes tens of thousands of Egyptians he addressed in Cairo’s iconic Tahrir Square on June 29, 2012. Mursi paid tribute to Egypt’s Muslims and Christians alike and symbolically swore himself in … Continue reading

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Behind the Scenes: US Proposes Meeting with Iranian Officials

Local Editor Hezbollah delegation to the Vatican received a warm welcome from the Vatican circles and the Pope assistants. The delegation’s visit scored high success which caused uneasiness and bitterness among the March 14 coalition, who is trying to tarnish … Continue reading

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Qatari poet gets life sentence in secret trial

Published Thursday, November 29, 2012   A Qatari poet was sentenced to life imprisonment on Thursday on charges of insulting the emir of the small Gulf state in a trial shrouded in secrecy. Mohammad Ibn al-Dheeb al-Ajami was arrested on … Continue reading

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The fall of Mursi’s Islamic Republic and the fall of the Syrian Islamic Republic سقوط جمهورية مرسي الاسلامية وسقوط الجمهورية الاسلامية السورية

سقوط جمهورية مرسي الاسلامية وسقوط الجمهورية الاسلامية السورية لن أبالغ ان قلت بأن الربيع العربي وزوجاته (الثورات) الأربع في مصر وليبيا وتونس وسورية والذي أنجب لنا بضعة جمهوريات اسلامية ربما بدأ يشهد ترنح بعض مواليده من الجمهوريات الاسلامية .. هناك … Continue reading

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