Jordan Leads Meetings between Syrian Rebels and US, Zionist Intel. Officers

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Jordan King Abdullah IIThe American newspaper Wall Street Journal revealed Sunday that Jordan organizes meetings between officers of the American and the Zionist intelligence services with Syrian soldiers who defected and fled to Jordan.

“The Jordanian intelligence services organized for officers and officials of the Israeli and U.S. intelligence interrogation sessions with Syrian soldiers, who fled to Jordan in order to extract information about the Syrian army and liaise with Syrian officers, “said the paper on the role of Jordan in aiding to intensify the Syrian uprising.

Started last spring, the role of Jordan continued in buying and transferring weapons financed by Saudi Arabia and Qatar to the militia of the so-called ‘free Syrian army’. The daily ensures that Jordanian intelligence services officers regularly meet with the Syrian militia leaders, facilitating their coming and going across the borders, and discussing with them issues and strategic military.
In exchange for this assistance, Riyadh and Doha pay cash, Amman has received assurances from Saudi Arabia and Qatar that it will get economic aid and security.

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