One should not be lured by ‘Ali abu Ni’ma of the Electronic Intifada who seemed to take a radical stand on TV while arguing on al Jazeera in favor of Gaza, but one should rather look closely at the kind of thought waged by Ab

u Ni’ma and the BDS ( Boycott, Divest and Sanction) movement of which the Electronic Intifada is part . This BDS movement that includes the Electronic Intifada is an NGO funded by the European Union which is a basic ally of Israel, and by George Soros who is himself a liberal Zionist and other organizations as well .While they call for boycotting Israeli goods, they take money from the greatest partner of Israel who has the greatest rate of exchange with Israel which is the European union . And while calling for Boycotting goods and Art and academic exchange with Israel they never tried to call for a ban on the shipment of weapons to Israel that originates from EU or US .

We can even say that BDS and Electronic Intifada are indirectly hired by Israel whose interest they serve. The main idea of such a group is to acknowledge and recognize the state of Israel and seek a solution for the Palestinian problem within the framework of Israel . They consider Israel an apartheid state which it that should follow the south African model and apply the formula adopted previously by south Africa in order to end the Apartheid . According to this Israel is supposed to annex the occupied territories taken in 1967 to form one country that is Israel that will give up its racial policies and give the Palestinians their legal tights . This is– in a nut shell- how ‘Ali abu Ni’ma conceives the solution of the Palestinian problem which- not only is out of place because Palestine is not South Africa but seems to solve the Israel
Problem rather than the Palestinian one.

Notice the drawing above taken from the Electronic Intifada and notice how they equarte between Syria and Israel and consider them as one and the same . This is exactly the kind of propaganda that serves the Zionist agenda .

River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian  
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