Syria: German Army soon part of War of Aggression

Syria: German Bundeswehr gives Islamists and terrorists covering fire.

It is official now: As the German evening news just has announced – the German government wants that the German Army (Bundeswehr) participates in the Turkish war of aggression against Syria.
The decision of the German Government about the participation of the German Army in the war of aggression against Syria is already made according to the German evening news (“Tagesschau”).
What should be examined now should be just the point whether the German government seeks the OK of the German Bundestag for the participation in the war of aggression against Syria or not.
Specifically, the German government wants therefore to move 170 German soldiers, armed with Patriot anti-aircraft missiles, to Turkey.

The participation of German soldiers in the war of aggression against Syria is covered by the propaganda that this is just the German contribution to the defence of the NATO ally Turkey.

That the operation of the German soldiers is in reality about the participation of German soldiers in the war of aggression against Syria is even indirectly acknowledged by the German news “Tagesschau” by writing the following:

The “Patriot” missiles as well as controling flights of the Turkish fighter jets along the border should therefore ensure that the Syrian Air force is no more able to act in a strip south of the border. By this, a “protective shield” is created, without violating the sovereign Syrian territory.

It is reported here openly that the function of the German soldiers is to ensure that the Syrian Air force is no longer able to act in “the south of the border” – i.e. in Syria.

However, when the German Army wants to avoid that the Syrian Air force fights against the mercenaries and death squads coming from Turkey on Syrian soil at the border to Turkey, so it means, that the task of the German soldiers actually consists of the task to fire at the Syrian army within Syria, without the situation that Syria attacks targets in NATO territory.

This is the classic definition of a war of aggression: the Army of a state or of an alliance of states bombards the army of another state, without been previously attacked, or even to just fear an attack from this state.

Thereby, so the German evening news writes, that a “protective shield” should be created by the use of the German Bundeswehr (German army) in Syria, it also describes frankly the tactical aim that is pursued by the planned use of the German army in the framework of the war of aggression against Syria.

Namely, that the German army (Bundeswehr) should give the death squads, which penetrate into Syria from Turkey, a kind of covering fire so that they are no longer successfully fought by the Syrian Arab army. That sovereign Syrian territory gets not violated by the shelling of the Syrian Air force from Turkey is a Zionistic lie.

Of course, the German Bundeswehr violates sovereign Syrian territory if the German army fires at aircrafts of the Syrian Arab army in Syria, even when in the case of such an attack just German bullets and no German soldiers are entering Syria.

Should somebody not in the near term set some bounds to the German government, it is probably almost that time again that it resounds from the German “Volksempfänger” (“people’s receiver”): “Since 5:45 a.m., we’ve been shooting back.

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