Beginning of the END

My People do not despair

The hour of liberation approaching fast

“Road Maps”, Road Blocks, “Peace Processes”, Blockades, 
Walls, Checkpoints, Prisons, Exile, Siege, Home-Demolition, Uprooting Trees, 
School Destruction, Machine-guns, F16, Drones, Bombs, White-phosphorus … 
Does not scare us into submission

Swollen Bank Accounts, Casinos, Fat pockets, Fame, Membership into privileged Clubs…

Does not lure us into accepting crumbs

Sticks and Carrots are not for us
Get that into your heads army of Zion

We are the guardians of Palestine

مرابطون إلى يوم الدين

Yes declaring a semi-state

on 11% of historic Palestine

is rather pathetic

It does not relinquish

decades of thirst for justice

It does not satisfy

Generations’ longing for freedom

It does not show respect
Rivers of blood of martyrs

It does not heal 

Wounds of millions left disabled

It does not caress

Hearts of babies buried under rubble

It does not bring back home

A nation of exiled

It does not rebuild

Our Biblical villages

It does not fulfill

Our aspiration of liberation


The countdown for the END of “state of Zion”

Only just began

Brothers and sisters on the ground

Ignore collaborators and think “now what?”

You’ve done your best
You’ve given so much
You came so far

Take a brief respite
 Breathe in and out

Fill your lungs

Get ready for what is to come

The countdown only just began


About uprootedpalestinians

A displaced Palestinian
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