Syria: Two US Aircraft Carriers leave Syrian shore


Iran and Russia are not happy about the Patriot missiles at the Turkish-Syrian border.

Two US aircraft carriers that were stationed near the Syrian coast were allegedly sent back to the United States this week. It seems that the US administration under the lead of the questionable president Barack Obama thought that this step might ease the tensions and it could be related to the allegedly “answer” of Russia in terms of the Patriot missile batteries, which were previously deployed to the Turkish-Syrian border by some Western powers.

Some reports about the two US aircraft carriers that have left the Syrian shore say that some Turkish officials, including Erdogan, are angered about this step of the US administration because they have hoped for a significant US military presence in the region.

Both aircraft carriers, the USS Iwo Jima Amphibious Ready Group and the USS Eisenhower with its 2,500 marines were withdrawn from the Syrian shore. This step is said to be the preparation of a potential military intervention in Syria, but as said, it could also be related to the article linked above – although we doubt the content of this article.

Usually, the United States has always two aircraft carriers stationed in the Persian Gulf but now only the USS John C. Stennis is still stationed somewhere near Syria.

It is understandable that the step to withdraw the USS Iwo Jima Amphibious Ready Group and the USS Eisenhower aircraft carriers from the Syrian shore has simply outraged the hypocritical leadership of Turkey, which acts against the opinion of the Turkish people.

Israel’s pseudo-newspaper with staged relations to the Israeli intelligence, DEBKAfile, which is called an Israeli propaganda tool by some analysts, has cited an unnamed Turkish officer this week. This senior Turkish officer has allegedly said that the removal of the two aircraft carriers by the US administration is “hard to understand and unacceptable to Ankara”.

The Turkish leadership became one of the main opponents of the Syrian counterparts, while the majority of the Turkish people oppose the strange “policy” of the leading party in Turkey.

That the Turkish leadership allegedly fears that the Syrian government could use chemical weapons against Turkish cities is nothing more than a staged scenario in order to implement further measures of war and to spread more propaganda to brainwash the people. Syrian officials have repeatedly stated in recent weeks that Syria would never use such chemical weapons “even if they had them”.
None of the wilfully US allies like Jordan, Turkey, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Israel and some Lebanese officials have officially criticized the US administration for its recall of the both aircraft carriers from the Syrian coast, but it seems clear that not only Turkish officials are very upset about this move of the Obama administration.

In addition, the US Defence Secretary Leon Panetta visited Turkey on Friday and he has allegedly also visited an air base on Turkish soil where some US aircrafts are stationed alongside Turkish warplanes.

The international media reports about such visits of Turkish air bases continuously since months and at least it is clear that the Obama administration will use such a Turkish air base if a military invasion of Syria is carried out. The US Defence Secretary Leon Panetta has also visited Turkey in order to sign a deployment order for the Patriot missile batteries.

However, the deployment of the Patriot missile interceptors to Turkey has not only outraged Russia but also Iran. This step has clearly also escalated the tensions between Turkey and Iran. For example, the Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has cancelled a trip to Turkey and said that the deployment of Western Patriot missile batteries to Turkey might lead to a “world war”.

While the deployment of Patriot missile batteries along the about 900-km-long Turkish border with Syria is described as a defensive move, the truth about it is that this step is far away from a purely defensive move because Syria would never attack Turkey. The claims that the deployment of Patriot missiles near the Turkish-Syrian border would enhance the Turkish security are false as well as the pretext of an allegedly attack of Turkey by Syria with the use of chemical weapons.

That Syria, Russia and Iran have denounced the deployment of Patriot missile batteries to Turkey is understandable. As the Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Aleksandr Lukashevich said last week, the “stockpile of extra weapons” in the border area between Turkey and Syria would “bring about an additional element of tension”.

The American, Dutch and German Patriot missile batteries will reach Turkey soon, within some weeks. That Germany, Netherlands and American deploy Patriot missiles to Turkey under the pretext to increase the Turkish security just shows the true colours of these allegedly democratic governments.

These three governments are not only trying to destabilize Syria since the beginning of the partly staged “unrest” in Syria, they also try to benefit from this situation and it is clear that they want to benefit from the fall of the Syrian government and president Bashar al-Assad.

syriaturkey Syria: Two US Aircraft Carriers leave Syrian shore
Syria / Turkey

Especially Germany has taken the lead in the alliance of state terrorism against Syria and the German government does not care about the increasing bad situation for the Syrian people. The German government wants to benefit from overthrowing the Syrian government and president al-Assad. This is already a fact since months.

Thus, the German mass media and propaganda tools warn about the potential threat of Islamists on German soil, while the German government supports religious fanatics and Islamists abroad. This is just one curiosity of the German policy and media.

In addition, the deployment of Patriot missile to Turkey is strange because Patriot missile systems are used to intercept and destroy missiles as well as war places and aircrafts, but not against rocket-propelled grenades and shells.

Of course, Syria has some missiles that the Patriot missile batteries could be used against but these missiles are to 100 percent not armed with sarin gas. That Syria would attack the neighbouring state Turkey with chemical weapons and missiles is just a pretext and it will never happen – expect in a case of self-defence if the military invasion of Syria is performed, but even then it is really questionable whether Syria would attack Turkey.

It is more comprehensible if Syria would then attack other neighbouring states as a “last step” before the military power of Syria is finally destroyed because in the event of a NATO attack on Syria, the Syrian military options are just very poor and they won`t resist the NATO power for long.

Finally, it is understandable why the Iranian armed forces chief General Hassan Firouzabadi has said on last Saturday that the lessons of 1962 Cuban missile crisis may return to haunt the world, although it still seems the most people in the West either do not care or have no idea (are even just not interested in) of what could be triggered by these steps.

The Iranian armed forces chief General Hassan Firouzabadi also warned that “Each one of these Patriots is a black mark on the world map, and is meant to cause a world war. They are making plans for a world war, and this is very dangerous for the future of humanity and for the future of Europe itself” and it seems that he is really correct – another World War seems imminent because Syria is not just any country of the Middle East.

Syria is very important for the region and even some Egyptian military officials have said in recent months that in the possible event of an attack on Syria, the Egyptian army will stick to the mutual defence pact with Syria and act accordingly.

Of course, one can just hope that these Western powers get some common sense back and stop the war of aggression against Syria. In addition, it is clear that the support of Islamists and radical religious fanatics has to stop, too. The arming of strangers in order that these radicals fight in Syria against the Syrian government and army has to stop. This would have been the first step for a logical policy which would lead to a peaceful settlement.

That some Western powers, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Turkey are still arming and supporting these radical elements for the fight in Syria is sure counterproductive for any peaceful settlement and just shows the true colours of these governments and totalitarian dictatorships (Qatar, Saudi Arabia).

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