Egyptian approve ‘Islamic Constitution’, really!

On Tuesday, the civilized world was shocked to learn that 63.8% Egyptian voters said yes to president Morsi’s blessed Islamic Consitution based on horrible Biblical punishments and Talmudic racism against non-Muslims with no freedom of speech as per American Hate Law.

Yes sir, you heard me right. The scary ‘Islamic Constitution’ recognizes Jewish occupation of Palestine, West’s right to exploit country’s natural resources and bring pro-Israel regime changes in Egypt’s antisemite neighbors – allows country’s Christian minorities to build new churches and preach their religion among Muslim majority and half-naked tourists to enjoy country’s beautiful beeches. It also allows top military officials to visit United States and Israel for “strategic consultation” and learn how to control “Islamic terrorism” against the US and Israeli interests.

But since the Constitution was drafted by members of anti-West-Israel Muslim Brotherhood – it cannot be compatible with the western democracies, religious tolerance or freedom of speech including the 15 European nations where challenging the Holocaust figures (six million) is a crime punishable with 3-year in jail.

Abul Maati, president of the National Electoral Commission, has rejected the Islamophobe opposition claims that the refrendum was supervised by fake judges – one of many allegations of polling fraud.

The opposition groups showed their curious sense of democratic process. They decided to boycott the referendum because they did not like the words “Islam” and “Islamic” in the drafted Constitution. So instead of fighting the Shari’ah-based draft – they let it win hands-down!

When America’s top Muslim-hating bigot Jew like David Horowitz’s website FrontPage calls Egyptian Constitution being based on Islamic Shari’ah – one can figure out how Islamic it could be.
Jewish professor Juan Cole made an antisemitic observation on his blog ‘Informed Comment’ on December 25 – that Israel have posed the greatest threat to the Christian minorities in the Middle East – while “Christians in Egypt have clearly been invigorated by the new press and political freedoms in post-Mubarak Egypt, and are gaining an important set of political voices“.

Israeli occupation has made life in East Jerusalem and the West Bank increasingly unbearable, spurring emigration abroad of Palestinian Christians, who once made up 10 to 20 percent of the Palestinian population. Because they are Christians, these Palestinians may find it easier to get visas to the West,” wrote Juan Cole. Christians population in Israel has been reduced to less than 1%. In Gaza Strip, Christians make 1.9% of the total 1.5 million population.

Mark Glenn, American Catholic writer, author and radio talk-show host, once left this comment on this blog: “As a Christian I can state without reservation that the only hope Christian civilization has of being rescued from eventual destruction by Jewish interests is by allying itself with the Muslim world“.

River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian
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