Rabbi Says Ben Gurion Infidel, Herzl Homosexual

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Zionist rabbi Amnon YitzhakThe Zionist Rabbi Amnon Yitzhak accused former Zionist Prime Minister Ben Gurion and of infidelity and the founder of the Zionist movement Theodore Herzl of homosexuality, revealing the depth of the cultural crisis which he believed “is threatening the Zionist society.”

As part of a televised interview with Zionist channel 10, the rabbi announced he will run for the Knesset elections, just as he was doing over the last 35 years.

Yitzhak, who expressed his takfirist approach towards the secular trend inside the Occupied Territories, stated that “Herzl was a bad man who misled the people and pushed them to the disbelief.”

“Herzl was mentally sick and deviant. He used to rape children. The history tells us that,” he stressed.

As for Ben Gurion, he said: “Ben Gurion was infidel. His destiny will be the Hell.”

Yitzhak also tackled the deep cultural crisis in the Zionist entity amongst different sects “which is sometimes expressed by words, and many times by practices through separation between schools and neighborhoods within the same city.

“This approach proves the lack of understanding and harmony amongst the Zionist society,” he concluded.

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