Double Standards: France against terrorism in Mali with it in Syria

French President Francois Hollande admitted the existence of French terrorists in Syria, vowing to hunt the terrorists in France down and eliminate them.

In interviews with France 24 channel and TV5 Monde channel on Thursday, Hollande said “We have even learned that there are French expatriates in Mali, as there are in Somalia, as we have found in Syria, who could then return to the country with terrorist objectives. I cannot allow that.”

In case you missed it: The real roots of Nusra front

The “Nusra Front “armed group is the most organized and most funded and widespread in Syria, from the northern border with Turkey to the Lebanese border, its fighters are the most trained and equipped between armed groups fighting against the Syrian state, not to mention that its extensive spread is the biggest proof of the lack of affiliation to alQaeda, as raised in the media for reasons revealed in Nidal Hamadi’s current report.

Nidal Hamada argues that the Front victory was founded in Turkey by the leadership of the Muslim Brotherhood under the leadership of a military junta led by Farouk Tayfur Deputy Comptroller General of the group. Because what is known about the political and leadership weakness Mohammed Rayak Baynouni, Tayfur is considered the de facto leader of the group,

Farouk Tayfur is one of the leaders of the 1981 battle of Hama. Nusra fighters fighters follow directly the office Tayfur in Istanbul and the international operations chamber built on Turkish-Syrian border erated by French, Americans and Qataris and Turkish officers, as revealed by the French weekly Okanard Oncinih several months ago.

References familiar with the subject, attributed the reasons for not adopting Nusra front by Brotherhood to three goals the Muslim Brotherhood want to achive in Syria in this period, that require hiding the Syrian brotherhood’s direct link with Nusra and the objectives are the following:

  • Syrian opposition sources confirm that the Muslim Brotherhood has decided to carry out massacres against the supporters of the Syrian regime for two reasons: first retaliation for the previous decades of conflict and the second consilidation of its control in the towns and villages controlled by MB in the Syrian countryside.
  • In hiding its relation with Nusra terrorist, Al-qaeda shall take the burden of responsibility for the atrocities committed, especially as the Brotherhood aspires to assume power in Syria if the Assad regime fell.
  • In case of any change in the Syria, the Name of Nusra would replaced by another name, Nusra name is no more than a banner serving the brotherhood’s policy in this phase of war.

According to General Jamil al-Sayyed, the Nusra name was unknown until the assanssination of Rafik Al-Hariri by Al-qaeda, therefore, the Name was perfect for Syrian brotherhood terrorist to shift the blame to Al-qaeda. More

Listen to Maath saying Nusra front is not a terrorist organisation
Listen to Brother Azam Tamimi saying Nusra front is a branch of Al qaeda

Saudi Intelligence Main Publisher of Nusra Front

Local Editor
Saudi General Intelligence is the main publisher of al-Qaeda linked extremist group in Syria, al-Nusra Front, a report said.
Bandar Bin Sultan
The Itelligence Online Newsletter in Paris which receives information from foreign intelligence sources as saying that the Saudi intelligence, led by Prince Bandar bin Sultan bin Abdulaziz, Sultan took advantage of its communication with armed groups in Iraq to help making al-Nusra front.

“Thanks to funding from the General Intelligence Department and support from the Saudi Intelligence in Lebanon, al-Nusra was able to swiftly arm its forces, and make the Syrian regime suffer painful blows through its expertise in Iraqi bombings,” the Intelligence Online report noted.

The report confirms what some websites have said days earlier, concerning leaked Saudi confidential documents which said that the Saudi interior ministry had sent a military official who is in charge of supporting Syria insurgents with money and weapons.

French Air Strikes Continue in Mali 

Local Editor

France said on Sunday that the air strikes against militants in central Mali were continuing for a third day, warning there would be no let-up until the gunmen retreat.
Air strikes
“There are raids all the time,” Defense Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian said in an interview with several television and radio stations.

“There were (air strikes) last night, there are now and there will be today and tomorrow,” Le Drian said.

The defense minister said the objective was to force the Islamists, who have controlled northern Mali since April 2012, to retreat from territory in the center of the country which they seized last week.

The Islamists’ advance triggered concern about a possible assault on the capital Bamako and pushed France into an intervention that has been backed by its European allies, the United States and the West African regional bloc ECOWAS.

French air power helped the Malian army to retake the central town of Konna from the Islamists on Friday and President Francois Hollande said Saturday that the militants had suffered heavy losses, estimated at 100 of their fighters.

One French pilot and 11 Malian soldiers have been killed in the clashes so far.

Human Rights Watch reported at least 10 civilian deaths on Saturday.

France has said its intervention is ‘legitimate’ under international law and will be limited to helping the Malian army force the militants to retreat to the north.

“Our intervention is ongoing and we will continue in order to make them retreat and allow Malian and African forces to go forward and re-establish the territorial integrity of the country,” Le Drian said.


The first troops promised by African nations were expected in Mali on Sunday to join the campaign.
Burkina Faso, Niger and Senegal on Saturday each pledged 500 troops for an African-led intervention force.

Also Sunday a security source said a lieutenant of Ansar Dine chief Iyad Ag Ghaly was killed in fighting to recapture the central town of Konna from the rebels.
“The Islamist fighters suffered a real setback with the death of Abdel ‘Kojak’ Krim,” the source said.
River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian
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