By Daniel Mabsout


The last but not least new born of the Electronic Intifada of Abunima and of the BDS of Barghouthi is an NGO event happening in Palestine called after an Arab Novel written by Lebanese writer Elias Khoury which title is Bab Al Shams . NGOs from all over Palestine will rally at a certain spot in the West Bank to protest against the decision of Israel to build new settlements in the West Bank . The funny thing in this initiative is that it creates a fictitious event around something that is a hard reality and borrows the title of a fictitious novel with fictitious characters to replace a history that is more than real . But here we are in the realm of NGOs funded and founded indirectly by inimical foreign governments who have become in a way in charge of the Palestinian cause replacing the real owners of the cause . These NGOs are here to replace the real thing by its fictitious alternative . They have come to replace the real Resistance of the people by a fictitious Resistance of NGOs and to replace the real Palestinians by activists affiliated to foreign governments and foreign organizations who order them around and decide their plan of action . The amazing thing in all this is that the Palestinians involved in this activity are called Palestinian settlers and the activity itself taking place in this event is called therefore occupation or settlement . Does this reminds you of something ? and is the purpose of this whole masquerade to put the Palestinians on par with the Israelis ? Of course nothing could be more benign for the Israeli occupation of the west Bank than a fictitious event with a fictitious name and fictitious Palestinians that call themselves settlers!!

River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian  
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