“Manar: Hezbollah’s Psychological Warfare”: New Italian Book

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Italian author Federico Prizzi presented on Saturday the 19th of January, 2013, his new book “Al-Manar: Hezbollah’s Psychological Warfare”, which includes data, documents and exclusive sources from independent establishments, and narrates Al-Manar’s newscast day by day as well as Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah’s appearances and their effects.
In Pergina Valsugana, in the province of Torino, North Italy, Prizzi presented his book before a crowd of intellects and authors.

The book narrates the diaries of the resistance, its slogans, and the daily newscast of Al-Manar channel, specifically those speaking about victories like destroying warships and attacking Israel’s Merkavas.

FedericoPrizziThe book also talks about Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah’s appearances, and their effects on the Lebanese and Arab people’s morale and steadfastness on the first level, and on the Western media, which for the first timestood on Lebanon’s side on the second level.

300 pages about Al-Manar and the psychological war that Hezbollah was engaged in, with 60 images of billboards and pictures of the resistance’s victories.

Moreover, “Al-Manar: Hezbollah’s Psychological Warfare” tackles Tel Aviv’s big efforts on the psychological and media levels to win the battle and mass its people, but failing to achieve any of its goals prevented that.

In contrast, it points out Hezbollah’s expertness on the media level, indicating that it led to loosing trust in the opposing media. Here, the author states that the “Israeli public” was not misled this time, as it took information about the battle from Hezbollah’s media.

FedericoPrizziPrizzi visited Lebanon several times before publishing the book which narrates “the steadfastness of a people in a small country that has a struggling resistance, and for the first time in the history of the Arab world, professional resisting media comes out to reveal people’s steadfastness and spread fear in the enemy’s ranks. Resisting media with high expertise that caused frustration in the ranks of the opponent which misled the Israeli society in every war it engaged in,” according to the author.

In parallel, Federico Prizzi told Al-Manar channel that his book is under the name of “Al-Manar Psychological Warfare” which Hezbollah engaged in during the 33 Day War with Israel.”

He said that the book includes analyses on how the Islamic resistance, through some thousands of fighters, fought Israeli and defeated it. Defeating the Israeli military machine surprised the West which saw Israel as an invincible power. In addition to its strength, there was a true psychological war which Hezbollah led successfully to win the battle.”

Prizzi concluded his statement to Al-Manar saying: “All I hope is that there would be a chance for Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah to look over the book and like it, and to know that an Italian chronicler had put effort to reveal this truth.”

“I would like to return to Lebanon to present the book there, and this could take place on the “Resistance and Liberation Day” on the 25th of May. 

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