The Lie Manufacturing Machine Directed To Lebanon After Syria

By Daniel Mabsout,


Bulgaria officially accuses Hizbullah of the assault on the bus that took the lives of five Israelis in Bulgaria. The assault was meant to issue a resolution from the EU that will label the Lebanese Resistance as a terrorist organization .This has not happened and the EU has not taken such decision and the Socialist party in Bulgaria has severely criticized the government for getting involved in such a mess that will expose Bulgaria’s security an make it part of dubious foreign agendas in issuing a false accusation for the benefit of the US and Israel . Other Bulgarian Parties have also criticized this involvement in alien agendas and the dragging of the country in conflicts and issuing accusations that have no foundation without providing enough proof or evidence of the involvement of the Lebanese Resistance in this assault. Of course this is a hoax and the Lebanese Resistance has for purpose to guard the Lebanese frontiers and defend it borders and protect the villagers and not to kill Israeli tourists; this is probably a Mossad operation that seeks to expose the Resistance and label it as a terrorist organization the same way the Resistance movements are usually labeled by the world order.

River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian  
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