The Syrian Epilogue


The Syrian army has moved forward and reached close to the borders with Turkey in the region of Idlib and of Aleppo which means that the hopes of creating a buffer zone on the Syrian /Turkish border have evaporated .

Serious battles are taking place in Daraya , outskirts of Damascus , right now where the Syrian army took hold of provisions of ammunition and supplies and discovered factories equipped for manufacturing explosives . Many thugs were killed and captured in the battle .

The talks around Syria at the Islamic summit of Cairo gathered Turkey, Iran and Egypt but KSA did not attend and accused instead the UN of keeping the Syrian problem unsolved . The KSA and Qatar – consider themselves losers in this war which they funded and supported to a great extent .

The three countries agreed on a peaceful settlement of the Syrian issue without calling for the removal of Assad and without resorting to arms and military force as carried on by the FSA or other military factions . This agreement was preceded by the announcement of Coalition leader Ma’aaz al Khatib who called for unconditional dialogue with the Syrian government .

The thugs are slowly losing the war, and the nomination of Ma’aaz al Khatib at the head of the Coalition of the opposition was the first sign since he enjoys a greater margin of action because not directly affiliated to any fighting group. It is expected that the supplies and salaries of the thugs be slowly cut down and limited to finally stop completely and the thugs fear that this might end up in capturing them and arresting them between borders or waging war on them.

Great insecurity has taken the groups of hired thugs, and the attack on the Lebanese army that happened lately in one of the Lebanese villages linked to FSA killing two Lebanese soldiers was but an expression of the mess these mercenaries are finding themselves in shooting and assaulting whoever approaches them .

Finally the last chapter of the Syrian bloodbath designed by the world order and its stooges : the rulers of Turkey , KSA and Qatar , will be concluded this spring between Russia and USA according to the previous Geneva agreement which- had it been implemented earlier- would have spared so much Syrian blood . Long live Syria! Long live Bashshar , Long the Syrian Arab Army!

This victory of Syria is primarily that of the Syrian army on whose disintegration all the forces of darkness were betting , but who remained united and strong and focused on its national purpose of protecting the country and the people turning down all the evil schemes of division and partition .

Syria will rise again stronger than before while all other Arab nations- who have witness the false flag Spring – will start disintegrating and losing ground as we are witnessing right now in Egypt and Tunisia and everywhere else.

River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian  
The views expressed in this article are the sole responsibility of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of this Blog!

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