Bahrain / Revolution and Occupation


The Bahrainis celebrated yesterday the second birthday of their uprising , as usual the celebration was met with bullets and repression .The armed forces uses against demonstrators bullets destined to hunt animals , this is how authorities treat the population by chasing them and firing at them . This is how Bahraini authorities treat their people , they treat them as beasts and this is not restricted to Bahrainis but is true for most Gulf people .The Bahrainis are not just facing a local police , they are facing the gulf imperialist rulers and behind them the world order .

We salute and support our brothers of the peaceful Bahraini Revolution , this Revolution or rather uprising – unlike the Arab spring that has removed so called dictators in favor of chaotic situations – does not seek a regime change; it seeks rather real participation in the rule which is something totally alien to gulf authorities in general . For the Gulf kings and princes people are inexistent , they are subjects rather than citizens with rights , in some cases they are less than subjects even . The Bahraini people have thus undertaken an impossible task that of proving that they exist- as people- with duties and rights and are seeking to implement these rights despite the unbearable repression they are suffering at all levels.

For a small country whose population is a little bit over half a million , this is a huge task and a giant endeavor , but Bahrainis are determined to pursue their goal despite all the suppressive measures they have been subject to . The world order did not bother to support the Bahraini uprising as it supported other Arab uprisings by providing them with full media coverage and full support through Arab league and providing them with funding of various sources and arranging for their meetings and conferences . The Bahraini uprising was not to the taste of the world order that is why it was ignored , as was ignored the invasion of the country by Saudi and Qatari tanks that came to support the monarch .The whole of the Arab spring has been thus denounced by the invasion of Bahrain as it was denounced by the sectarian attack on Syria , for how to cater to democracy, freedom and civil rights by way of invasion and bloody events?

Also this uprising was not also to the taste of the world international activists who did not give the Bahrainis their due in terms of support or campaigns or demonstrations. The Bahrainis were thus left alone to face – without arms- the fiercest enemy supported by the world order who will oppose any peaceful settlement of the problem and any concessions given to the opposition.

The demands of the Bahraini opposition are clear , definite and well defined , and they are in no way linked to a sect or a religious group . The goal is not to overthrow the ruler which cannot constitute a policy by itself . The opposition movement that has started in year 2002 had succeeded in giving the Bahrainis political representation , but then the monarch turned against the people and brought all the political institutions under his jurisdiction putting himself above the law . This was probably inspired by the world order policies regarding gulf people. Thus, the Bahrainis found themselves again at the starting point and their main concern now is to have an elected government . This elemental legitimate and legal demand of an elected representative government has been considered a crime by the gulf authorities and has been sanctioned by the monarch and not endorsed by the International community that pretends to stand fully against – so called -dictatorships..

While Bahrainis have been offering the highest sacrifices on daily basis , the authorities are not responding but are wasting time waiting for the Bahrainis to grow tiresome and less willing to sacrifice which is very unlikely to happen . On the other hand , the authorities, who cannot pursue this policy of repression without repercussions on the local and international levels , are trying to bring the opposition to the table of negotiations . But because the opposition will not fall again in the trap of fruitless negotiations, it opted for conditional negotiations that will come up with decisions rather than recommendations . These decisions are binding to the different parties and expected to be implemented in a limited time . This way the opposition hopes to protect itself and protect its achievements on the ground that were very costly life wise, security wise and freedom wise. Still the Bahraini officials are not responding and think they can get away with mere repressive measures that are supposed to quiet the opposition . But this opposition is more determined than ever in pursuing its goals . It is a life and death matter , either the Bahrainis prove that they exist or they die while trying to prove so.

Our hearts stand with our Bahraini brothers and sisters, and we salute the prisoners and freedom fighters, as we salute the more than two thousands martyrs who fell victims of the repression and we tell them that they are really the pioneers who are preparing for the gulf countries an altogether different future other than blind affiliation to foreign abusive powers and subjugation to unjust rulers . A bright, promising, dignified future – we want- for our deserving Bahraini brothers and sisters . May God the Almighty help them and support them in this honorable endeavor .

River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian  
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