Chavez Returns to Venezuela, Says to Continue Treatment There

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Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez returned to his country after spending more than two months in Cuba for cancer surgery and treatment.
The Latin American leader announced his surprise homecoming via twitter, saying: “We have arrived again to the Venezuelan motherland.”

“Thank you God. Thank you my beloved people. We will continue my treatment here,” Chavez wrote on his account on Twitter.

Chavez also expressed his gratitude to Cuba and its leaders for their assistance in his medical treatment.

“Thank you Fidel, Raul and everybody in Cuba,” he wrote, referring to Cuban leaders Fidel and Raul Castro. “And thank you, Venezuela, for so much love.”

“I am holding on to Jesus Christ and trust my doctors and nurses,” the president said. “As always, see you in victory. We will live and we will win,” he added.

His son-in-law and Science and Technology Minister, Jorge Arreaza, said Chavez was taken from airport Carlos Avarela Military Hospital in Caracas where he will continue his medical treatment.
Chavez, 58, was first diagnosed with cancer in 2011. After surgery and treatment he declared himself free of the disease and went on to win another term in elections last October.

But he suffered a relapse, and after the latest surgery on December 11 in Havana he was still too sick to come back to Venezuela for his scheduled inauguration on January 10.

The inauguration has been postponed indefinitely, and Vice President Nicolas Maduro has essentially been running Venezuela in Chavez’s absence.

Source: AFP
18-02-2013 – 12:37 Last updated 18-02-2013 – 12:37

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