Israel, Hamas negotiating truce agreements: Report

On November 21, 2012, I posted a comment (THE PALESTINIAN SPRING: A New OSLO UNDER COOKING IN CAIRO) confirming what General Amin Htait said in his Inteview with Dam Press,

“I am afraid that there will be a new Oslo, a new PA, and security coordination on the horizon giving the bread and taking the land and identity of the Palestinians. The hope of foiling the plan, and continueing the confrontation depends on the honorable resistance fighters in Gaza who were not fooled by the lie of Arab spring.” General Amin Htait

In his Visit to Gaza says before the Israeli Pillar of cloud, the Emir of Qatar told Hamas:
“Your resistance camp isn’t resisting, and your peace camp isn’t negotiating, so why don’t you make up?”  
Oslo 2 is still under cooking under abother name: Long Truce. Israel and Hamas negotiating truce agreements, and to stop resistance resisting Egypt floods Gaza lifeline tunnels.

Al Ahram Online   

– 16 February 2013

On Dec 2008 Carter Visted Syria and Met Mishaal,
Hezbollah refused to meet Carter the God father of Camp David
Who is the traitor???

Israel and Gaza-rulers Hamas have been holding indirect talks on easing the blockade on the Palestinian enclave, Channel 2 television reported Friday, under the terms of a truce deal reached last year.
The report said the talks have been going on for “a number of weeks,” and involved Israeli army officers. Both sides speak only via Egyptian mediators, it said.
The report on the privately owned channel noted that these negotiations were part of the agreements reached between Israel and Gaza after the deadly week-long conflict in and around the Gaza Strip last November.
Talks included opening the Rafah crossing on Gaza’s border with Egypt to enable the transfer of construction materials from Qatar, as well as enabling agricultural produce from Gaza to enter Israel.
A Hamas spokesman on Friday said that in the past two weeks there have been no talks, but in the past there has been contact between their representatives and the Egyptians on implementing the truce.
In November, senior Hamas official Mussa Abu Marzuk said an Israeli delegation was due in Cairo for indirect talks with Hamas on easing the Gaza blockade.
Israel has restricted the import of goods into Gaza since 2006, when Palestinian militants captured an Israeli soldier in a cross-border raid.
The blockade was tightened a year later after Hamas seized Gaza from its secular Fatah rivals in fighting that erupted after the Islamist group won legislative elections.
In December, Israel announced it was to begin allowing materials for private construction into Gaza for the first time since 2007.

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