Behind the Scenes: Syria Army Prepares to Liberate Aleppo from Takfiris

Local Editor
  • Orthodox electoral law that was approved by the joint parliamentary committees caused an unprecedented division among forces of 14th of March. Aside from directing accusations of betrayal and backstabbing to the Christian partners in the coalition, Al Mustaqbal leaders and cadres expressed anger, frustration and bitter disappointment about the outcome of the meetings which prompted Saad hariri to describe Tuesday a black day!

parliamentary committee

  • Syrian troops have finalized military preparations for a fateful and decisive battle in Aleppo. After sending thousands of troops and heavy equipment and logistics to the area, observers expect that a fierce battle is underway and will take place soon to liberate the remaining occupied part of the city from the Takfiri military groups.

Syrian army

  • Some European governments sent messages to Hezbollah via different channels to express its discontent about the American and Israeli pressure to force them to list the party on its list for terrorist organizations. They informed the party they are not in the position to accept that under any circumstances especially that the information provided are false and untrustworthy.

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