Queen Victoria And The British Crown Win The Prize


By Daniel Mabsout,

Which is the most criminal state among states? In answer to this questions the United States got the highest record . But remember the British Crown and remember England . The United State is an off spring of England . There is no USA , it is Native land colonized by Europeans, mostly English Puritans. The British Crown and the Puritans have together broken the records of crime and of genocide . England is the most criminal country on earth ; starting by starving the Irish people by depriving them of their potato crop . One million victims and another million had to flee Ireland . More than 85 million Indians starved to death plus more than one million killed in the war between India and Pakistan after the British partitioned the country . The colonization of the New continent caused the death of more than 18 million indigenous , starved , killed by assault or biological war in a genocide that lasted more than 500 years .The white Buffalo that constituted a basic element in the way of life of the indigenous was exterminated so that the Natives starve to death. What remained of the Natives died in Christian residential schools from abuse. The colonization of Australia was not less brutal; almost one million lost lives among aboriginals .The slave trade should not be forgotten where English tradesmen had a big role in exterminating what is believed to be more than a hundred million black Africans . This not to speak of the colonization of Africa , here the numbers are not clear but massacres were committed in many instances . If one wants to add to all this the usurping of Palestine, the wars on Iraq and Afghanistan that are still going on and have not stopped, one can reach impressing numbers . Historians have not yet finished the data and are still collecting the numbers of the victims of the British genocide of Indians and they are not through yet . The crimes of England will take years to be documented , England being the most ferocious country that ever exitsed on earth with policies of extermination and exploitation that have no par in history and that are still going on . In Pakistan , in Palestine the seeds of partition and conflict sown by the British are still reaping killings and deaths . It is England which is leading the list definitely at its head the insatiable blood thirsty Queen that needs more blood every day for her sustenance and the maintenance of the British Brutish Crown.

River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian  
The views expressed in this article are the sole responsibility of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of this Blog!

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