Iran Hacks Foreign Spy Drone

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Iran: spy drone hacked during Great Prophet 8 drills; Feb. 23, 2013Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) declared hacking of another foreign spy drone during the first day of ‘Great Prophet 8’ wargames, IRNA news agency reported.

“A foreign spy drone was hacked outside the field of Payambar-e Azam 8 wargames on Saturday,” Spokesman of the drills General Hamid Sarkheili told reporters.

He underlined that by the use of electronic war, all foreign spy drone movements in far distances was observed and controlled during today’s wargames which resulted in the hack of a foreign spy drone.
“For the first time, our special modern warfare task forces are conducting specialized operations,” the spokesman added.

Sarkheili said the IRGC forces also tested targeting hypothetical enemies’ drones, and used different types of UAVs in the wargames.

“In the other phases of the wargames, the reconnaissance as well as suicide drones, which are capable of attacking the enemies, have been used and their operational capabilities came under assessment,” the spokesman noted.

He added that IRGC drones are now monitoring the movements of the hypothetical enemy in the wargames zone, while electronic warfare units are wiretapping enemy communications.

The IRGC Ground Force tested different asymmetric tactics and various types of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAVs), including its suicide drones, as well as its special modern warfare units on the first day of the massive wargames underway in Iranˈs Southeastern province of Kerman.

The IRGC drills are aimed at maintaining and improving the combat preparedness of the IRGC Ground Forces, testing the latest combat systems of the IRGC Ground Force and exercising different asymmetric warfare tactics.

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